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January 9, 2018

How To Produce Video For The Buyer’s Journey: Awareness, Interest, And Decision

Creating video is not an easy task, one of the most challenging parts of creating video content is ‘what kind of video should I make?’ It sounds like a simple question, but not any video can be used to capture leads, and not all videos should be given away without a small price to pay. An effective video strategy would combine videos that will be distributed to across the masses, multiple channels and sites. We call this Awareness.

Secondly, videos to capture the user’s attention that will be effective in creating interest or even mystery with the viewer this is the Interest. And finally, videos that will promote your brand and content to viewers called The Decision.

Each type of video has their purpose, and because of it, they should be treated differently and placed in their perfect position to have a valid video strategy.

The Awareness.

We are all familiar with the term ‘Viral Video’ but what is a viral video? What’s the psychology of a viral video? And how can I use one for my website? Viral videos are not restricted to ‘Singing cats’ or ‘How to make the perfect s’mores.’’. Viral videos can be used to created brand

awareness and more critical to capture users attention and drive them to your website.

The best way to create a Viral video:

  • Make it short. -The internet generation is used to move from page to page and scroll through multiple pages of content by the minute., Users do not as commonly process several minute long videos at internet browsing speeds.
  • Eye-catching. – Every content publisher knows a right image speaks more than a thousand words, and a perfect thumbnail will guarantee more click-through rate for those viral videos.  
  • Don’t gate it! – Might seem counterproductive not to gate a video, correct? But, the purpose of the Viral video is not to get your users’ data, the goal is to drive them to your brand.
  • Publish it. – This is the type of video you want to push into your social media accounts, Youtube, front page and email campaigns.

Most important. Be Creative. Remember this is the first contact viewers will have to your brand. It’s your commercial, make it fun, engaging, and loud. As the purpose of this video is to drive users to your website it’s. Is entirely acceptable to include a post-roll event or a final CTA that will link directly to your main site.  

The Interest.

This is your second line of attack in your video strategy, by the time a viewer has reached this point they know who you are, they don’t have details on what is it that you do, but you have them there, and this is the moment to shine.

  • Divide the product. – These are the videos that will tell your story and communicate your message so don’t overload them with information, spread your content so that the user can select what to watch, a batch of small videos will create more engagement than a single large one.
  • Localize. – Keep this videos in controlled environments such as your website or domains you can control so that the user is not distracted by external elements.
  • Gate them. – Fishers are meant to capture data so using events and CTAs to obtain data from your viewers is a good idea, but do it smart let them watch some content, and navigate through videos, ask for their information on the road

The Decision.

These are your battle videos, the strong ones that will promote your brand and detail every aspect of it to push the user through the funnel and the experience of buying.

  • Direct them. – Use this videos in your Marketing campaigns, send them to specific users to which you’ll know they will be interested.
  • Advanced CTAs. – Usually, by the time a user will encounter this videos you already know who they are, why not get more information from them? Company size, progressive profiling is the best bet here.
  • Score them. – Add scoring to this videos in your Marketing automation platforms, use your Integration to your advantage and use video engagement in your sales process.

Good practice for Spreader videos is to weight them in your Marketing platforms, users that watch 96% of one of your Webinars or a detailed walkthrough video, are deeply engaged with your brand, use this information to guide them through the funnel and convert them in sales.  

As you can see implementing an effective video strategy, is not just about publishing videos. But adjusting the content of the videos and your strategy to provide a smooth experience that will engage your users from the first moment they are aware of your brand, and carry them through the experience of your brand and continue to create engagement throughout the lifecycle. All of this with the convenience of merely watching online videos.

Gabe Ramero

Gabe is a support specialist with 6 years of experience in the Online Video industry and a technology enthusiasts, maker by vocation when not at work he can be found working in his next invention.

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