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How to Deploy Video Tools Across Your Sales Team

Presented by
Greg Banning
Presented by
Aaron Evans
Presented by
Grace Mustard
Presented by
Matthew Scattergood

Not every sales rep is a natural on video, and they don't all embrace new ways of doing things. But with the right coaching, resources, and motivation, even the most hesitant sales reps can be turned into Vidyard masters.

Join industry experts to learn how to maximize the adoption and impact of your video selling tools. Discover what's worked well for other businesses, find out how to create video selling playbooks, and learn creative techniques for helping your sales reps become proficient and impactful with video.

Contents of this Video

0:00: How do you deploy new sales tech?

1:14: Why video is an important sales tool

3:57: Tips to roll out new sales tech

5:18: Overcoming challenges of introducing a video tool

6:51: How leaders can maximize adoption of video tools

8:21: Policies when rolling out video for sales

9:26: Best practices for video adoption

11:28: Video metrics to focus on

14:00: Lessons learned from video selling

15:33: Advice on getting started with video

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