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Video Tips for Virtual Selling

Video is the next great frontier in sales…but nobody’s born with that Oscar-winning video creation touch. Dive into the resources below to learn how to make videos that your prospects will rave about.

Grab the Video Checklist
An illustration of a checklist containing top video tips for video creation and virtual selling.
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7 Tips for Success

How Sales Reps Can Be Authentic and Awesome on Camera

Does the camera lens ever feel more like a judging eye? Sales thought leader Julie Hansen teaches you how to:

  • Develop on-camera charisma for a magnetic video presence
  • Deliver your message in ways that increase its impact
  • Learn and grow as a video presenter
Better Videos in 7 Minutes

Video Creation Tools and Tips for Everyone

Not sure how to build your video strategy? Inbound Evangelist George B Thomas reveals how you can:

  • Grow your confidence in the videos you’re making
  • Pin down video topics that capture viewers’ attention
  • Use the right tools to up your production quality
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Take the Video Selling Master Class

Look at the big brain on you! Ready to enroll in Video 201? Sign up for Vidyard’s Video Selling Master Class. In this self-paced course, you’ll learn all the expert video tips and best practices you need to create engaging videos that drive more conversions.

Explore the Video Selling Master Class

Get Inspired For Your Next Video

Looking for that spark of inspiration? We’ve collected all our favorite videos into our templates hub. Binge on attention-grabbing examples from all corners of the business world to cook up the idea for your next great video.

Explore the templates hub
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