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January 26, 2022·6 min read

The Best Sales Video Examples for 2022

We rounded up the best sales video examples to help inspire you to connect with prospects, scale your operation and enhance your sales process with video.

How has your sales process changed throughout the pandemic? Have you written so many emails that your fingers are numb? Maybe you’ve had to shake yourself awake for another zoom call. If you’re like the winners of the Video in Business (VIB) Awards, you use a lot more video throughout your sales process. Our winners and finalists showed us with these sales video examples that video has helped sales teams win more. From booking more meetings to removing friction in the buyer’s journey and shortening deal cycles.

We’ve rounded up the top ways sales reps are using video to win more deals and gain an edge over the competition. We hope that you can be inspired by these sales video examples to do the same.

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  1. Contents
  2. 1. Sales Video Examples to Get You Noticed
  3. 1.1 Video Prospecting Examples
  4. 1.2 Explain Yourself Clearly with A Video Message
  5. 1.3 Build Rapport with Personalized Video
  6. 1.4 Scale Your Outreach Efforts
  7. 1.5 Leverage Video Throughout the Sales Process
  8. 2. Use These Sales Video Examples in Your Strategy

Sales Video Examples to Get You Noticed

The number of sales emails sent on a monthly basis has doubled compared to a pre-pandemic benchmark. And guess what—responses are also down by roughly 30% in comparison to the same benchmark. Read the sign: Your prospects’ inboxes are overloaded (even more than usual) with emails that don’t connect. If your email is going to get noticed, it had better be relevant and, even better—personal.

Since video is the next best thing to being there in person, you should consider it your crowbar for breaking through inboxes. Sending a sales video email can get you more responses. It can also reduce the inbox fatigue felt by your recipients. And they’re likely to retain more of your message than a text-based email.

Half of the struggle is breaking through the inbox, and the other half is retaining your recipient’s attention throughout your messaging. So knowing that video works so well in email, it’s pretty much a no-brainer—especially when there are free screen and webcam recording tools to help you.

Once a sales video email is opened, a video thumbnail is a powerful opportunity. So be sure to make a creative and eye-catching video (and thumbnail) that your prospects can’t ignore!

Video Prospecting Examples

VIB Award winners in our Pitch Perfecter category have demonstrated how to stand out from the crowd with creative sales video ideas crafted specifically for their targets. Sam Kean at Fresh Relevance won for his creative and fresh approach. Since Sam started using video, he’s seen open rates at 95% and reply rates 3x higher than text-based emails.

“Video got me more enterprise meetings than any other means,” says Sam, including meetings with three of the UK’s top 5 retail brands.

In his winning example, Sam reached out to a prospect who sells weights online with a video where he lifts weights… the entire time. (Ouch!) He felt the burn, and his prospect felt the love.

Sam Kean at Fresh Relevance Sam recorded a creative video that played on his prospect’s product.

Meanwhile, Kaela Bernardino at Docebo recognized that it’s not always easy for her prospects to understand why they might need her solution. Putting on her creative storytelling cap, she created a whimsical video using Lego creations. This allowed her to clearly explain how Docebo can help. This video was so successful for her prospecting that the marketing team asked Kaela if they could use it in their broader campaigns. Knowing how important it is to share her toys, Kaela said “yes” as she beamed with pride.

Kaela Bernardino at Docebo Kaela gets five stars on creativity for this video. She uses Lego sets to explain how Docebo can solve her prospect’s pain points.
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Explain Yourself Clearly with A Video Message

Besides being an excellent tool for connecting personally, video is also fantastic for clearly explaining how you can help a prospect. And in a remote setting, it’s also your most effective sales tool. Think about it—the medium combines audio and video instruction and allows you to add emotional emphasis. Adding in the ability to pause, replay and share a video message may just beat an in-person pitch in terms of practicality and effectiveness.

The winner of the Prospector award demonstrated video’s show-and-tell capabilities with a riff on the popular unboxing video format. Matt Hall works for the packaging company Woodway UK, so it was a natural fit to unbox his prospect’s own products and then show how he could help them improve. Traditionally, booking a meeting used to take Matt upwards of forty calls. However, he’s secured two meetings from just eleven videos so far with video.

Matt Hall at Woodway UKMatt recorded an unboxing video – with a twist.

Legendary video prospector (and 2x VIB Award winner) Kayla Cytron-Thaler takes a slightly different approach to visually engaging her prospects. By kicking off her videos by recording a screen share video on their LinkedIn profile, she draws her prospects into her story, quite literally, from the very start. Back-up browser tabs give her more to show while keeping her videos under 90 seconds.

Kayla Cytron-Thaler at Canny Kayla recorded a screen share video using the LinkedIn profile of a prospect for a background.

Build Rapport with Personalized Video

Personalized one-to-one videos are a great way to stand out and earn attention, but they’re also the perfect way to build rapport and connect with your key prospects and clients. Short video messages can go a long way. They can make you more familiar, more memorable, and more trustworthy to your buyers.

For example, the sales team at Whatagraph, winners of the 2021 Virtual Selling Team of the Year, use personalized videos throughout their sales process to connect with new prospects, showcase their solutions, handle objections, clearly answer questions, and even win back churned clients. These videos go a long way in building trusted relationships with customers who they may never meet in person. Every video creates another micro-moment of connection. This helps the sales team at Whatagraph build rapport and demonstrate their commitment to helping their clients be successful.

In a vastly different industry, Carroll VanHook-Weaver and the sales team at Akara Partners have found personalized videos to be a key ingredient to not only winning over more customers but to maximizing their retention and even turning them into advocates. Using authentic videos to create personal connections and walkthrough videos to clearly showcase their products, Carroll and the team doubled their close rate, significantly improved customer satisfaction, and increased their online review ratings from 4.2 stars to 4.8 stars. Happy clients consistently report how much they love working with the people at Akara Partners. Especially how they go the extra mile to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Scale Your Outreach Efforts

Speaking of strategy, here’s a little tip—not every video in your sales process needs to be made specifically for one person. If you’re looking to scale up your efforts, you can still achieve a personal connection while sending the same video to multiple people.

Take this example from another Pitch Perfecter finalist, Joanne Munekawa from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Joanne knew that if she could help her clients and prospects learn how to get the most value from her solution, she’d have a better shot at landing them as a long-term account. So she did what any musically inclined modern sales rep would do—recorded a short song that could easily be shared with any of her future customers and prospects.

Joanne Munekawa at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Joanne recorded a short song that could easily be shared with any of her future customers and prospects in this webcam video.

Leverage Video Throughout the Sales Process

You can use video for sales in so many ways to book meetings, build relationships and win more business. And you’ll see even better results when you combine those different methods to use video throughout your entire business.

Video has transformed how the sales teams sell at companies like Salesloft and Dell Technologies. Who were both finalists for the 2021 Virtual Selling Team of the Year. They know that a strong brand is built by consistently delivering an excellent experience for the entire buyer’s journey, from prospecting to demos, even how objections are handled.

Jack Neicho at Salesloft uses personalized videos for outbound prospecting, product walkthroughs, updates to key stakeholders, and even sales proposals. His colleague Ellie Twigger has made video an integral part of her communication to existing clients, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Meanwhile, a team of 75 sales reps at Dell Technologies sent more than 15,000 videos in 2021. That’s a whole lot of face time with remote prospects and customers. All of the finalists of the Video in Business Awards used video as their secret weapon, and you can too. Start by thinking of ways to connect personally with your viewers and strategically use video throughout your sales process.

Use These Sales Video Examples in Your Strategy

We hope reading about our finalists has inspired you to take your video selling to the next level. Because even in a remote world, you have the tools to make connections and enhance your sales process.

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