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Pre-Meeting Reminder Template by Salesloft

Cut your meeting no-show rates and use this tried and tested pre-meeting reminder template from Salesloft.
Use this video template
Are meeting no-shows wasting your time and eating away at your productivity? To minimize no-show rates, send video reminders where you reiterate why the prospect was initially interested and what they stand to gain. This will encourage them to either show up or reschedule.

What is the Salesloft Pre-Meeting Reminder Template?

The Salesloft pre-meeting reminder video is a tried and tested template that reps use to send ahead of an upcoming meeting to stay top of mind and reduce the chance of a prospect being a no-show. For Jordan, the rep featured in the template example, this type of video message has cut his no-show rates, and he gets a 22% reply rate to these types of video email messages. It’s a quick video, usually under 30 seconds, just letting them know you’re excited to connect and how to connect with them for the meeting, i.e., mentioning and including the Zoom link for the meeting.

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How to Use the Salesloft Pre-Meeting Reminder Template

To record a pre-meeting reminder, a simple selfie-style webcam video works perfectly. Smile and show your enthusiasm about connecting with the prospect. Don’t forget to include pertinent information for the upcoming meeting, like the day, time, and location.

When to Use the Salesloft Pre-Meeting Reminder Template

Use this type of template before your scheduled call takes place. Test out the timing to send to see what works best for you as a rep. Some reps like to send the day before, while others find success in sending an hour or two before the start of the meeting. You can use the video script and accompanying email copy below to try this template out for yourself.

Salesloft Pre-Meeting Reminder Template Video Script


Hi {prospect’s name}


I just want to make you a quick video to let you know I’m really excited to connect with you {time and day of call}


I did include the Zoom link below, so go ahead and click on that link right before the meeting, and it’ll take you right into the Zoom room.


If you’re having trouble logging in, go ahead and give me a call on my cell phone, which is included in my email message.

Thank You:

Looking forward to it, I’ll see you here shortly. Thanks!

Salesloft Pre-Meeting Reminder Template Email Copy

Subject Line:

{prospect’s name}, here are the details for our meeting {add date details}

Relevant Introduction:

Hi {prospect’s name},

Desired Outcome:

Excited to connect with you at {add date and time details for call}

{insert or copy your video thumbnail and link and add to the email}


Wanted to shoot over the meeting details, so you've got them handy: {add your meeting link}

My cell is {your number} in case you need any help logging in.