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Mar 10, 2022

Fast Forward 2022

Fast Forward is Vidyard’s quarterly virtual summit on video selling and marketing. Join us to learn top strategies and insider tips for using video to start more conversations and close more sales.

H2H: Humanizing Digital Sales and Marketing

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Forget “business-to-business”—your sales and marketing need to be “human-to-human.” On March 10, we’ll teach you how to use video to humanize your outreach. Learn how to build the connections, trust, and confidence that buyers need to have before they’ll make that purchase.

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Mar 10 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Salespeople Ruin Everything: Lessons from the Past to Guide Us in the Now

A sales technology revolution is upon us! But is it for better or worse? The original sales tech revolution brought us the telephone, and salespeople ruined it. The next one brought us email, then social media…and salespeople ruined them again.

Today, all the rage is around optimizing our sales stacks, but are we actually using them to create a more engaging and effective buying journey? Or are we just using them to scale what doesn't actually work that well?

Join Todd Caponi, author of The Transparency Sale and host of the Sales History podcast, for a journey back in time to explore the early days of 'modern' selling when sales was still a profession that was trusted and admired. Explore how technology impacted the effectiveness and perception of sales, and how to use tech today to create a better experience for your buyers.

Walk away with:

  • A fresh new perspective on the role sales tech should be playing
  • New ideas for how to prioritize and optimize your own sales stack
  • An understanding of how to develop true empathy for the buying brain
  • A sore stomach from laughing so hard (#SorryNotSorry)

A Perfect Session For: Account executives, sales development reps, sales leaders, sales enablement, and marketing leaders.

    Mar 10 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

    Prospecting with Video: Top Prospectors Reveal Their Tips for Boosting Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Personalized videos can help you stand out with prospects and book more meetings. And with the right approach, they can also help you be more efficient with your time, enabling you to do more with less! But being successful with video takes more than just pressing record and writing someone's name on a whiteboard.

    Join some of the most successful video prospectors of 2021 to learn how they use video in their own outbound efforts to crush their quotas. From highly targeted one-to-one videos to pre-recorded content to support outbound campaigns, learn what works for them and how they scale their efforts to send hundreds of videos every month.

    Walk away with:

    • New ideas for how to use video for outbound prospecting
    • Tips for how to scale your use of video efficiently
    • Sample video templates, email subject lines, and more

    A Perfect Session For: Sales development representatives, account executives, and sales leaders.

      Mar 10 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

      Creating Connections: How to Use Video to Elevate Your Marketing in 2022

      Video content is the perfect way to capture attention, educate prospects, and build a brand that connects on a more personal level. But success with video can be hard to come by if you don't have the right mindset, strategy, and culture to make it work.

      Join a diverse panel of marketing and video experts to discuss the latest trends in content marketing, social media, account-based marketing, and digital marketing. Learn how video content can impact each of these programs, how to develop your own video content strategy, and how to scale your use of video without blowing your budget.

      Walk away with:

      • Practical ideas for how to use video to increase engagement and conversion rates
      • Best practices for developing a video content strategy
      • Tips for how to scale video content creation within the boundaries of your budget

      A Perfect Session For: Marketing leadership and marketing practitioners.

        Mar 10 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

        How to Identify 'Red Flag Moments' Where Video Can Accelerate Sales

        Are you seeing red flags in your sales process? No need to panic—here’s how to turn those red flags green.

        Todd Hartley, the rockstar of remote selling, will teach you his tips and tricks for identifying those “red flag moments” during your sales process. He’ll show you how to utilize video to overcome those red flags, as well as other common prospect objections.

        Learn how to use videos to create clarity, change perspectives, and quickly build consensus with key stakeholders.

        Walk away with:

        • A framework for identifying key moments where videos can accelerate the sales process
        • Tips for creating and delivering sales videos in ways that maximize their impact
        • Insights on how to approach your videos to ensure they'll drive your desired outcomes

        A Perfect Session For: Account executives, sales leadership, sales enablement, and marketing leaders.

          Mar 10 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

          Humanizing Your Sales Process: Top Video Sellers Spill ALL Their Secrets

          Video is playing a bigger role than ever in today's increasingly virtual sales process. From personal introductions to tailored demos, detailed updates, and even proposals, custom videos have emerged as the perfect way to humanize the buying journey.

          Building on Todd Caponi's keynote session, join some of the top sales reps using video today to find out how they did it. Learn how they've embraced video not just to scale their sales efforts, but to create the best possible experience for their buyers. Find out what types of videos they've found most effective and discover how they developed their video creation confidence.

          Walk away with:

          • New ideas for how to use video to enhance your own sales process
          • Tips for growing your on-camera confidence
          • Best practices for getting the most value out of your Vidyard development

          A Perfect Session For: Account executives, sales leaders, and sales enablement.

            Mar 10 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

            Deploying Video Tools Across Your Sales Team: Maximizing Adoption and ROI

            Let's face it: Not every sales rep is a natural on video, and they don't all embrace new ways of doing things. But with the right coaching, resources, and motivation, even the most hesitant sales reps can be turned into Vidyard masters.

            If you're rolling out a tool like Vidyard to your sales team, or have previously done so and didn’t see the level of adoption or impact you had hoped for, this session is for you! Join experts from Vidyard, a leading sales trainer, and top Vidyard customer to learn how to maximize the adoption and impact of your video selling tools. Discover what's worked well for other businesses, find out how to create video selling playbooks, and learn creative techniques for helping your sales reps become proficient and impactful with video.

            Walk away with:

            • Tips for deploying video selling tools to a sales team of any size
            • Best practices for maximizing adoption and impact
            • New ideas for how to create video selling resources and playbooks for your team

            A Perfect Session For: Sales leadership and sales enablement.

              Mar 10 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

              Unleashing AI to Create Better B2B Buying Experiences

              B2B sales and marketing teams are using more data than ever to qualify leads and improve sales efficiency. But the potential of modern data, insights, and intelligence go far beyond that, offering new ways to analyze buying behaviors and deliver more personalized and impactful buying experiences.

              Join leaders from Demandbase and Gong to discover the latest trends in account intelligence and revenue intelligence, and how top teams are using real-time insights throughout the entire buying journey to better understand their customers and close more deals.

              Walk away with:

              • A clear understanding of the latest trends in AI, account intelligence, and revenue intelligence
              • Real examples of how other businesses are using AI to increase close rates with key accounts
              • New insights on how to develop a smarter go-to-market motion that delivers better buying experiences

              A Perfect Session For: Account executives, sales leadership, sales enablement, and marketing leaders.

                FastForward Prize


                What Can I Win?

                You’ll score points for each live session you attend. At the end of the summit, 15 of the top scorers will win a Vidyard VIP Video Selling Starter Kit!

                Heres what's inside

                • A mini microphone for crystal-clear pitches
                • A ring light to help you look great on camera
                • A whiteboard for quick personalized thumbnails
                • A notebook for post-meeting notes
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                "You guys put on a truly amazing session, I watched 5 sessions (from 18:00-23:00 Israel); it was definitely worth it!"

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