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Real Sellers, Reel Stories from SalesLoft and ReviewTrackers

Presented by
Charlotte Johnson
Presented by
Ellie Twigger
Presented by
May Parell
Presented by
Morgan Ingram

Each of the sales reps featured in this session is winning more with video. And they want to share their secrets to success with you to take back to your teams. Whether it be video prospecting, using video messages for deal acceleration, or using video for sales to close more business.

Moderated by the one and only Morgan Ingram, find out what types of sales videos are working for sales reps from SalesLoft and ReviewTrackers, two rapidly growing software companies in highly competitive markets. Find out which subject lines convert the highest, what types of thumbnail images drive people to click play, and how they've adapted their messaging to a video-first approach.

Contents of this Video

0:00: Intro

0:48: Process for creating super-targeted videos

3:08: How do you do your research?

4:09: How do you talk to and train your team about doing research?

5:10: How long should the initial video be? How many videos to do?

6:41: What do you do before the call to make sure people show up?

8:37: How to create videos that are scalable if you can’t find any research

11:16: How to use videos for renewals and being top class as an account manager

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