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The Art (and Science) of Digital Sales: Shari Levitin Tells All

Author and educator Shari Levitin shares her secrets for supercharging sales, creating compelling communication, and activating AI to assist with all your sales activities.

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Jan 1, 2024 / 12:00 am EST

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1:00:04 MIN

Become Essential! Present a Value Prop Buyers Can’t Live Without

GTM leaders at Gong, Pavilion, and Vidyard share how they position their products as something that buyers can’t live without.

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John Barrows Headshot Fast Forward
00:47:17 MIN

Connection, Not Perfection: JB Sales Talks Video Prospecting at Scale

In this on-demand session, JB Sales’ John Barrows shares that the perfect way to create prospecting videos at scale is to be imperfect.

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00:50:37 MIN

Video for GTM: A Peek at Vidyard Customers’ Go-to-Market Strategies

Get an insider look at how successful go-to-market teams at LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, and more are using video in their strategies.

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