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Less Work, More Wins: Use AI & More to Build Great Sales Outreach

See how Morgan J Ingram and Leslie Douglas take on AI to create reply-worthy outreach.
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Apr 23, 2024


1:00 pm EST

Learn AI-Powered Tactics for Real-World Sellers

AI, AI, AI. Everyone’s talking about what AI could do for sales…but who’s talking about what AI can do for sales right now? (Hint: It’s us.)

Forget the theory—let’s talk strategy. Morgan J Ingram (decorated sales trainer) and Leslie Douglas (VP over at Sell Better) are lifting the curtain on real tactics that real sales teams (like yours) can use to fold AI into their sales process.

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • How to break down the wall between “AI” and “personalization”
  • How you can overcome your team’s objections when it comes to AI adoption
  • Bonus: Get exclusive insights on that exciting new AI feature that Vidyard’s cooking up
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