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March 18, 2020

Stay Connected During COVID-19 with Free Video Tools

Vidyard introduces secure video messaging to enhance internal communications during the Coronavirus pandemic. Now available to all businesses for free.

Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in how they market, sell, and stay connected during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Event cancellations, travel restrictions, and remote work policies are making it increasingly difficult to engage prospects and customers, and to communicate effectively with our own internal employees.

As a video technology provider and growing business ourselves, we understand the importance of video-based communications in times of crisis and social distancing. Not only is it an efficient means of delivering critical information, video keeps us connected as colleagues, as teams, and as real people who are tackling monumental challenges, together.

As such, we want to play our part in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes use the power of video to stay connected and productive in the difficult months ahead. Great companies like Google and Zoom have already extended the use of their free video conferencing solutions during this time, and we applaud them for their efforts!

But in addition to live video conferencing, on-demand videos and video messages (also known as video emails or video voicemails) can also play a vital role in disseminating information and communicating clearly with remote colleagues and customers.

In many cases, it can be more effective to send a short personalized video than to draft a long email or coordinate a video call. To do so effectively, however, it needs to be quick to record, easy to share, and if meant for internal recipients, seamless to secure. And that’s where Vidyard is going to help.

3 Free Video Solutions to Help Businesses Stay Connected

As many of you know, we already offer free versions of our video messaging app as well as our flagship video hosting and publishing platform. These free tools continue to offer unlimited video capture, hosting, and sharing, making them great options to support your expanded use of video when engaging remote prospects and customers.

We’ve seen a significant lift in installs and utilization in response to the remote work climate, so I’m happy to say that we’re making a difference for many organizations and professionals. If you’re not yet familiar with these products, I encourage you to check them out, and rest assured: They will remain free forever.

But what I’m truly excited to share today is that Vidyard, in response to the challenges imposed by the pandemic, has introduced a new free offering, Vidyard for Internal Communications, to help remote workers stay connected with each other via secure video content and messaging.

Built on our enterprise video platform, trusted by Fortune 100 organizations, this new offer enables executives and employees to easily record, secure, and share private videos in just a few clicks from their web browser and email app.

Vidyard's video tool for internal comms screen recording

To be completely transparent—this is a solution that we had been working on for quite some time and were intending to launch as a paid offering in the coming months. But over the past two weeks, we decided to accelerate launch and make an Early Access version available at no cost to support businesses in this time of need. I couldn’t be more proud of our team for rallying behind this and making it happen.

Whether it’s a company-wide executive update, a quick video message from a manager to their team, or a screen capture video between colleagues to share feedback on a new project, our goal is to enable any executive or employee to share custom videos with remote workers in a secure and seamless manner with just a few clicks.

Vidyard for Internal Communications: Free Through June 30

Vidyard for Internal Communications will be offered at no cost to businesses until June 30, 2020. The cloud-based solution offers the following capabilities:

  • Centralized administration of security policies, user provisioning, and content management
  • End users can capture, share, and store unlimited videos via web-based extensions to Google Chrome, Outlook, and Gmail—no desktop software required
  • Access control to video content via Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication to ensure only authenticated employees can view the content
  • In addition to SSO, videos can be secured via password protection or IP whitelisting

Vidyard for Internal Communications Screen ShotsLet’s Get Through This and Learn Along the Way

These are truly challenging times for businesses and employees in every market. Yet it’s also an opportunity to discover new ways of thinking, and to adapt to new ways of doing business. The months ahead won’t be easy for any of us, but hopefully these tools can help you stay connected with your customers and colleagues at a time when it matters more than ever.

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Michael Litt

Michael Litt

Michael is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vidyard. In addition to growing Vidyard’s success, he is actively involved in the technology sector, acting as a mentor to various early stage companies.