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June 6, 2023

Vidyard Launches Digital Sales Rooms to Transform Seller/Buyer Relationships

Vidyard Rooms, now available for any sales professional, brings remote buyers and sellers together in the only video-first digital sales room.

KITCHENER,Ontario – June 6, 2023 – Vidyard, the leading provider of video messaging and video hosting for businesses and professionals, has announced the launch of Vidyard Rooms, a new Digital Sales Room (DSR) solution to change the way sellers and buyers collaborate in the digital-first era. 

Vidyard Rooms, now available for free to all sales professionals, brings remote buyers and sellers together in a digital workspace to collaborate and share information throughout the sales cycle. It offers integrated tools for sharing personalized videos, tailored demonstrations, recorded meetings, documents, and proposals – all in one place – to help sellers win more deals by delivering a more seamless, timely, and personalized buying experience.

Vidyard Rooms are simple to create and available for any sales professional to use with no customization, configuration, or back-end integrations required. Just sign up and go!

“At Vidyard we are always looking for ways to help sellers and go-to-market teams create more productive relationships with their buyers,” said Jonathan Lister, Chief Operating Officer at Vidyard. “With Vidyard Rooms we are doing just that – empowering sales professionals to build personal relationships at scale and educate key stakeholders in a way that is timely, convenient, and collaborative.”

Vidyard Rooms is designed to meet the needs of both sellers and buyers, offering private digital workspaces to share videos, resources, and documents that are relevant to the deal cycle. 

Unlike other digital workspaces, Vidyard Rooms provides a video-first experience to help remote buyers and sellers clearly exchange information and establish mutual trust. Users can record custom videos to introduce themselves, walk through products and proposals, and share timely feedback. Sellers are notified when their videos are watched, as well as when new members of the buying team join a Vidyard Room – providing new opportunities to meet different stakeholders involved in the buying decision. 

“Vidyard Rooms truly meets our sales needs by enabling our prospects to access all of the information they need to make a buying decision, rather than chasing 50 different emails and trying to remember where things were shared,” said Nicole Kocemba, Lead Business Analyst at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a Vidyard Rooms early adopter. “I love that our prospects can find all of the relevant videos and documents in one place, and easily bring in other stakeholders to quickly get up to speed.” 

The launch of Vidyard Rooms comes at a time when demand for Digital Sales Rooms is growing exponentially. According to Regional Research Reports, the Global Digital Sales Room Software Market size was valued at USD $787 million in 2021 and is estimated to grow to reach over USD $2.2 billion by 2030. Meanwhile, GTM Partners, a leading researcher for go-to-market technologies, reported an exponential increase in demand for Digital Sales Rooms in its new 2023 Digital Sales Rooms Vendor Landscape report.

“Demand for Digital Sales Rooms is up 325% year-over-year as post-pandemic digitalization and a shift towards efficient growth put pressure on sales teams to transform the way they work with buyers,” said Bryan Brown, Founder and Chief Analyst at GTM Partners. “With its unique video-first approach, Vidyard Rooms is a compelling new solution in this emerging market that aims to make digital sales rooms more personal, engaging, and helpful to buyers.”

The Beta release of Vidyard Rooms is now available at no cost to all users of Vidyard’s Free, Pro, and Business plans. To learn more about Vidyard Rooms and to try it out for yourself, visit  

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