Every journey starts with a destination. Otherwise you’re just wandering aimlessly, right? Yet so many marketers use video without knowing some of the key benchmarks for success. Why? Because real accurate data on how other marketers are using video and planning for the future are difficult to find — or worse, don’t exist. That’s why we’re excited to present Demand Metric’s Video Content Marketing Benchmark Report. Data you need to get the results you want!

Get the report to learn:

  • How video has evolved from a passive asset into a must-have lead generation tool across marketing and sales
  • Where high-performing brands are hosting their video, the types of videos they’re using and the kind of industry-leading conversions they’re seeing
  • The advanced metrics that top-performing businesses are using to thrive in the new attention economy
  • How marketing automation, CRM, and other martech are fitting into the video equation
  • And what you should be doing to get the most performance (and highest ROI) on your video content