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Micro-Demo Walkthrough Template by Salesloft

A micro-demo walkthrough is a great way to quickly answer a question or troubleshoot a solution for your prospect or customer and allows you to show via video vs. trying to explain via a long text-based communication.
Use this video template

Micro-demos are an efficient way to quickly show and tell how your solution works in a video so the prospect can visualize your offering. This template works best if you keep it short. Address their question to add value and hopefully keep them engaged in the sales process moving forward.

What is the Salesloft Micro-Demo Walkthrough Template?

The micro-demo walkthrough template by Salesloft is a quick and easy way to answer a question from your prospect. It’s a recording of your screen showing how to do some or addressing a previously asked question on a call or other interaction. It can save a lot of time and be clearer than a long, drawn-out text explanation.

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How to Use the Salesloft Micro-Demo Walkthrough Template

To record a micro-demo walkthrough, you can do a screen share video as demonstrated with this Salesloft template, or you can also record a hybrid with Screen + Cam to show your face alongside the walkthrough. This added touch can personalize the experience just that much more for your prospect.

When to Use the Salesloft Micro-Demo Walkthrough Template

Use this type of template as a follow-up with your prospect after they've asked a specific question about your solution. Having the video hyper-personalized to the prospect and their inquiry will signal your engagement in the deal and reduce the back-and-forth questions that may have arisen if you attempted to answer the question(s) via a long text-based response. You can use the video script and accompanying email copy below to try this template out for yourself.

Salesloft Micro-Demo Walkthrough Video Script


Hi {prospect’s name}, Great chatting with you {time you last spoke}.


I just wanted to make a quick video demonstrating what you mentioned in our previous conversation.


You mentioned that you’re interested to learn how {discuss what feature they want to see, and the benefit of that feature}. {Micro-demo of feature, reiterating the benefit of the feature}.


So, I really hope this helped. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank You:

Thank you.

Salesloft Micro-Demo Walkthrough Email Copy

Subject Line:

{prospect’s name}, here’s a quick video to answer your question.

Relevant Introduction:

Hi {prospect’s name},

I'm following up on the question you asked on our call {add relevant details about the question}.

Desired Outcome:

I made you this {add video length} video to walk you through it.

{insert or copy your video thumbnail and link and add to the email}


Please let me know if you have any additional questions.