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Shari Levitin’s Information Confirmation Video Template

Use this video template to confirm the information gathered on your sales discovery call. It can expose you to other stakeholders at the account and keep your deals moving.
Use This Video Template
Using video for follow-up or what sales trainer extraordinaire Shari Levitin calls the “Information Confirmation” video is one of her favorite formats to keep deals moving. Learn when and where to use this template, plus the five components to include for your best shot at success.

What is the Information Confirmation Template?

The information confirmation template is a follow-up video that you can use to summarize all the information that was covered in the sales discovery call.

Shari’s information confirmation video has a framework of five key components to follow.

  1. Skin information: This is the surface information. So it’s everything you’ve learned about your prospect’s company size, what they do, and who they are—these are just facts, basically, things you should’ve gathered via LinkedIn.
  2. Bone information: This is the info you’ve gathered on the live discovery call and repeating back the unique challenges you’ve learned and the implications of those challenges.
  3. Heart information: Next, focus on why those core bone issues are so crucial to the prospect personally. You’ll repeat back the emotional reason why they should consider you as a partner and how you can help them personally.
  4. The connective tissue information: Repeat what the process would look like to move forward and implement the solution, i.e., bringing all the right stakeholders together, steps to move forward, etc.
  5. Commit to the next steps: Keep things moving by confirming you’re looking forward to meeting with this group (and the other relevant stakeholders) on a specific day and time.

Putting these five steps into place, Shari believes it's essential to call out—all you’re doing is confirming what you’ve heard via the video call and sharing it with other relevant stakeholders. You’re not selling a thing at this point. You’re just confirming all the information, so everyone is on the same page, and you can move forward with the right players at the table.

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How to Use the Information Confirmation Template

Only 7% of sales pros report selling to a single decision-maker, so most are familiar with consensus buying and needing to connect with multiple stakeholders within an account and how much of a challenge that can be.

The information confirmation video is crucial to send to those few people on the call and encourage them to share it with the stakeholders who couldn't make it. It’s a record of what was covered, done asynchronously, so the right people can review on their own time and are kept in the loop.

A selfie-style recording works well when it comes to recording your video. Or, if you wanted visual cues on a slide or your background to visually confirm the five components—a Screen + Cam recording would also work.

It’s best to keep this video under two minutes in length. Long enough to cover the pertinent information but short enough to keep your buyers’ attention.

When to Use the Information Confirmation Template

Before jumping into when to send the information confirmation video, let’s set the stage for success.

You score the discovery call meeting, but according to Shari, your no-show rates could range from 20-40%. Before the discovery call, try sending a pre-meeting video. In that video, Shari recommends calling out everyone to have their video on for the live call. If your video is off, you’re not dialed in, and your prospect could be busy working away on other tasks. Showing your face will also lower the resistance to them cancelling or not showing up at call time. If you’re looking for a pre-meeting reminder template, we’ve got a great one you can also try to help cut those no-show rates.

That’s where the information confirmation template comes in. It’s sent right after the discovery meeting as a post-meeting follow-up confirming all the information covered and securing that next meeting.

Don’t forget to ask your champion to share the video with other relevant stakeholders within the account. Get your face and message in front of as many committee members as possible to build those relationships from a distance.

Take a look at the sample video script and accompanying email copy below that you can use to try the information confirmation video a whirl for yourself.

Information Confirmation Video Script Template


Hi {prospect’s name}, great to talk to you {day of the week the conversation happened}.


As a recap, {briefly summarize what you learned about the prospect}.


{highlight 2-3 main challenges that the prospect is facing that you can solve}


So, what I have done for you is I have given you some {highlight some resources about your company and product/service your prospect can learn from and include links in the accompanying email}. I look forward to our follow-up {confirm the follow-up date and time}.

Thank You:

Please feel free to ping me if you have any questions; again, we look forward to working with you.

Information Confirmation Email Copy Template

Subject Line:

{insert contact's name}, confirming details from our call

Relevant Introduction:

Hi {insert contact's name},

Desired Outcome:

I wanted to send you this short {insert video length} recap video confirming what we covered in our call on {insert call date/time}.

{insert or copy your video thumbnail and link and add to the email}.

As mentioned in the video, here are some additional resources for you and the team to review:

{bullet list links to the appropriate resources}.


I look forward to our follow-up call {confirm the follow-up date and time}.