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Have Questions About Vidyard?
Get All the Answers.

Commitment can be scary—especially when you don’t know what’s in store. So we made a video to answer your biggest questions about how Vidyard works. (Talk about putting our money where our mouth is!)

From pricing and plans to onboarding and adoption, we’ll cover all the major milestones.

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What is Vidyard used for?

Vidyard is an online video platform built for business. We combine video hosting and analytics with video messaging and native integrations to support a full GTM tech stack. From lead generation and prospecting to proposal walkthroughs and support, our customers have seen a boost in response rates, meetings booked, and new business generated.

Watch the “Why Vidyard” chapter of our video FAQ.

How much does Vidyard cost?

Vidyard ranges in price depending on your overall level of video comfort and strategy. Whether you’re selling solo or leveraging video across your entire team, we offer flexible plans to support success at every stage.

Vidyard Free is great if you’re just getting started with video on your own. If you’re a bit more comfortable with video, need added flexibility and features, but are still flying solo, Vidyard Pro ($19 USD/month, billed annually) is a better fit.

The real power of Vidyard really shines when you bring your team together with Vidyard Business. You can share content across your team, see rich analytics on video and team performance, and sync video into your tech stack.

You can find all pricing and features on our pricing page.

Watch the “Pricing & Plans” chapter of our video FAQ.

How do I get started with Vidyard?

It’s easy to get started with Vidyard. We encourage you to sign up for free and download our Chrome extension to get comfortable with the basic features. We have an extensive knowledge base to help support you along the way.

In addition, there’s lots of inspiring content on our blog as well as educational webinars you can binge on demand.

When you’re ready for more, our team is ready to connect you and your team with the right Vidyard package.

How can I get more comfortable on camera and adopting video?

Try following a template in our Template Library to create a video for cold outreach, prospecting follow-up, proposal walkthrough, and more. Our templates come with a sample script, example video, and tips from the pros.

Alternatively, check out the resources and guides on our blog for help with getting started, or take our free video selling master class, or laugh and learn along with 'sellertainment' content from the Sales Feed team.

Watch the “Adopting Video” chapter of our video FAQ.

What tools does Vidyard integrate with?

Vidyard is proud to integrate with several of the top sales and marketing tools that teams already use. Our online video platform integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, along with sales engagement platforms such as Salesloft and Outreach. We also integrate seamlessly into email and marketing workflows using common tools like Gmail and Marketo. But that’s not all; take a look at our full list of integrations, or watch our FAQ video for more information.

Watch the “Integrations” chapter of our video FAQ.

Are Vidyard videos secure?

Data security is a top priority at Vidyard. We’re dedicated to maintaining our SOCII certification and staying GDPR compliant. We also offer additional security features, such as password protection, playback restrictions, and single sign-on.

Watch the “Security & Compliance” chapter of our video FAQ.

How many videos can I record with Vidyard?

With a Vidyard Pro plan or above, your Library can hold an unlimited number of videos. Vidyard Free users are limited to 25 videos in their Library. See all features and plan limits on our pricing page.

Can you embed Vidyard videos in emails and landing pages?

Yes! You can quickly and easily embed videos in emails and websites by enabling the option on your videos, and then copying the embed code from your video sharing page. (Your videos may have embed limits depending on your Vidyard plan.)

How do I share Vidyard videos?

You have a few options when it comes to sharing your Vidyard videos. You can copy a link (with or without an accompanying video thumbnail), share videos directly through your emails, or post videos to your favorite social platforms. Depending on your Vidyard plan, you can even set up a branded video sharing page to make sure that your viewers have a seamless brand experience.

Can I upload/download videos with Vidyard?

Yes. You can do both!

It’s quick and easy to upload videos to your Vidyard library. If you're a member of a team with a Vidyard Business plan, you can upload straight into your team’s library of content.

You can also download copies of your videos from your Library. You can download the original media file, or a copy in a different resolution (1080p, 720p, etc).

Why Do I Need a Video Platform?

Anybody can create and post a video.

But Vidyard’s video platform hooks that video directly into your entire sales and marketing process.

  • Add your own branding to your video sharing page.
  • Track video performance with purpose-built analytics.
  • Integrate video with the tools you’re already using, like your CRM or your marketing automation platform.

…and lots more.

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