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Modernize your communications with video

See why video is the digital transformation strategy financial services need.

Are you a financial services professional? Discover how Vidyard helps you connect with your clients in a more personal and engaging way.
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Attract and convert viewers

Video is the best way to engage younger demographics. Track viewer engagement on an individual basis and use this data to convert them into clients.

  • Host videos and track their impact on your business
  • Drive in-video engagement with interactive CTAs
  • Integrate viewer data into your MAP to qualify leads
vidyard video player with view tracker
webcam or browser recordings

Personalize client experiences

Record and share video introductions, custom proposals, and other personalized content to create stronger connections between advisors and clients.

  • Record your webcam, browser tab, or full screen
  • Book meetings and more from within your video
  • Add personalized elements to web videos or in email

Review videos for compliance

Customize the look and feel of your video content so your message is always compliant, and on brand.

  • Share pre-approved marketing videos with one click
  • Control the look of video players and sharing pages
  • Easily access and review videos for compliance
video player used to book meetings
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See why Financial Services love Vidyard

“The Vidyard platform is appealing to so many of our divisions, because it gives our teams the ability to make connections across the tech stack through video.”
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Michelle Patterson
Associate Director of Marketing,
S&P Global
“We knew we needed to go beyond the written word with our content to engage our attention-driven consumer demographic. That meant adding video to the mix.”
Amy McGraw
VP Marketing,
Tropical Financial Credit Union

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Learn how to combine inbound marketing and video to connect with clients and stay ahead of the competition

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