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How to Creatively Share a Case Study With New Customers

Creating and sharing product demo videos is one of the best ways to increase pipeline and book more meetings. But sometimes, a demo isn’t always easy to do. That’s where case study videos come in. If you’ve got some fantastic results to share, video is one of the best ways to do it.

As Thomas Buchanan from Modus shows, it’s super simple to use a screen-share recording to show off case study videos that make a big impact. Using relevant assets, you’ll be able to highlight your successes with other clients in your prospect’s industry.

Why This Type of Video Works for Sharing Case Studies

Just like recording product demo videos, the goal here is the classic “show, don’t tell” approach. While case studies are fantastic resources for highlighting the success your customers have had with your product or service, they often only go so far in communicating the specific benefits you can provide for a prospect.

In his video, Thomas is able to show off exactly what his company does, tailoring the message for his prospect. Rather than relying on a generic case study, Thomas makes his pitch specific using an example from a customer in his prospect’s industry.

While Thomas is using this as a follow-up video, sharing a case study video can be done at the prospecting stage too. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door by providing value upfront. Of course, if you’re using this to follow up with a prospect you’ve already met with, even better. You’ll hopefully already have the resources and information you need to highlight an example that your prospect is interested in.

It’s also a great way to continue the conversation, using the case study video to highlight or reinforce the value proposition you presented in your introduction call. While the best sales people turn abstract concepts into tangible and meaningful value propositions, video can help drive home the specifics that can sometimes get lost in conversations.

How to Make the Perfect Case Study Profile Video

First things first, you’ll need a good case study. While Thomas uses an example product to highlight how Modus is working for other customers, you can always use a screen-share to walk a prospect through one of the text-based case study assets your marketing team may have put together.

It’s a great way to use content that already exists, and allows you to walk a prospect through the key points that matter to them. Plus, you can share the case study with your video for them to review on their own time. It’s really a win-win situation.

What You’ll Need to Make This Type of Video

#1: Screen and Camera Recording Software

If you want to record and share a case study video, you’ll need a recording software that allows you to record your webcam and screen simultaneously. You can use Vidyard’s browser extension or desktop app to record screen share videos like Thomas’ right from your computer.

#2: A Relevant Case Study

“Relevant” is definitely the key word here. Don’t just share some boring, generic case study that has no relevance to your prospect. Take some time to research their company and try to deliver real value. Use a case study that features a customer from a similar industry, or a time where you solved a problem your prospect might be having as well.

If you’re planning to use this type of video as a follow-up like Thomas did, even better! You’ve already got the information you need from the introduction call and can make sure to pick a case study example that will really wow your prospect.

Time to Get Started

Now you’re ready to take those marketing case studies to the next level. Show off all the great work you can do and hook your prospects with the help of Vidyard.

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