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Video Selling Master Class

Welcome to the Vidyard Video Selling Master Class. Improve your sales skills and develop the video fundamentals to smash your sales goals.

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Lesson 1
Why Video for Sales

In this lesson, we cover why you need to be using video in your process, as well as the top benefits of sales videos.

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Lesson 2
Where to Use Video for Sales

In this lesson, we cover where to use video in your sales cycle, the types of sales videos you can use, and the different sales video personalization levels.

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Lesson 3
How to Produce Great Sales Videos

In this final lesson, we cover how to create your best sales videos, as well as tools that can help you feel more comfortable on camera.

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What You’ll Learn About Video for Sales
  • Building relationships from a distance
  • Saving time and accelerating deal cycles
  • The various types of sales videos
  • Different levels of video personalization
  • What equipment you need
  • How to overcome camera shyness
  • The ideal length for prospecting videos
  • Components of effective sales emails
  • Why video thumbnails have a big impact
Become a Video Selling Master

Each lesson has additional resources to augment your sales training in video. Sign up with Vidyard for free and put your new video sales skills into practice.