Personalized Audio

What is sweeter than the sound of your own name? Add a unique audio track to your personalized videos and let customers know that you’re talking to them.

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Realtime Personalized Video

Surprise and delight web visitors with a video experience tailored just for them. Grab and keep attention by instantly serving up a relevant personalized experience to website visitors.

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Salesforce Reporting Package

It’s like the old saying goes—If a tree falls in the woods, and you aren’t able to measure the impact of it on your organization, did it actually generate ROI?

With our new Salesforce Reporting Package now you can measure the impact of your marketing videos, and gain insight into what videos are influencing your pipeline.

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How to Connect with Your Viewers using Personalized Video

Connecting with your audience at scale can be a challenge, especially when they’re bombarded with countless messages on a daily basis. Find out how our customers are using Personalized Video to create compelling 1:1 experiences.

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Improved GoVideo Experience

The Vidyard GoVideo partner app is getting ready for summer with a new look and feel (in places like SalesLoft and Mixmax) that delivers a more streamlined user experience.

The responsive design helps you navigate through the app more efficiently, and delivers 5X faster load times.

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GoVideo Outlook Integration

Easily access and share your video content from Outlook with the new GoVideo app available in the Microsoft AppSource.

Entice your recipients to click by adding an engaging thumbnail to your emails. Then, get notified when someone watches your video so you can cater your next steps. And yes, you can do all this from Outlook!

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Gmail Enhancements

We know time is ? so now we’ve given our users the the ability record new videos from Gmail.

Quickly make an introduction or send a thoughtful follow-up note without having to leave your Gmail compose window. Cha-ching!

Rolling out to all GoVideo users soon.

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Salesforce Reporting Package

Understand how video is influencing your deals with pre-built Salesforce reports and dashboards. You’ll be able to see metrics like the number of videos sent by rep, and pipeline generated with video.

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Offline Recording Recovery

Unstable wifi connection? We’ve all been th…..ere. You can now continue recording with GoVideo even if you lose internet connectivity. Reliable and stress-free recording. Only from Vidyard.

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Selling with Video: How to Use Personal Video Messages to Boost Response Rates

Prospecting isn’t easy. Find out why sales teams are adding Vidyard GoVideo to their toolkit and making video a part of their outreach.

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GoVideo Zendesk Integration

You like apples? We put GoVideo right into Zendesk so you can respond to tickets faster, reduce support costs, and keep your customers happy. It’s easier than ever to resolve customer inquiries with video, all while delivering a unique and personal experience. How do you like them apples?

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Resolve cases faster and transform the customer experience

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