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What’s Vidyard?

Vidyard is the online video platform that’s built for business. We make it easy to create new videos, host your entire video library, and share your video content with the people who matter (or with the entire world).

People Like You Use Vidyard...

For Sales

Reaching out to prospects? Create and send a quick video that introduces you better than any boring old text email.

  • Record screen and webcam videos from your browser or desktop
  • Stand out in busy inboxes full of uninspired emails
  • Get a notification when the prospect watches your video
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For Marketing

Getting your brand out there? Manage all your marketing videos with ease. Plus, understand exactly how they’re performing.

  • Host all your videos with no bandwidth limits
  • Add CTAs right to your video to drive more conversions
  • Get in-depth analytics to see how how viewers interact with your videos
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For Collaboration

Navigating WFH life? Turn long meetings into quick videos and free up valuable calendar space.

  • Start recording a video in seconds, then share it with everyone
  • Walk through what’s on your screen to explain complex ideas
  • Great for project overviews, feedback requests, quarterly summaries, and more
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Here’s What Makes Vidyard Different

We know: Video hosting platforms are a dime a dozen. But Vidyard is way more than just a place to dump your videos. Here’s a little of what makes us different.

  • No Bandwidth Limits, Ever. We don’t put caps on how many videos you can make, how many people can watch them, or how much bandwidth you use.
  • Powerful Video Analytics. Get insight into more than just view counts. Know exactly who’s watching and for how long, then export that data into your analytics platform.
  • Robust Integrations. Build video into the tools you use every day, like Gmail, Slack, LinkedIn, Salesforce, HubSpot, and many more.

Once you start using Vidyard, you’ll see the difference too.

Thousands of Companies Love Vidyard

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