Benchmarks are an important part of any industry. Computer products like graphics cards are judged against industry benchmarks to see how they rank against their competitors. In the automotive industry, cars are pitted against one another in a myriad of ways, from safety standards, to how fast a car can go from zero to sixty. Benchmarks help us define success and understand how we’re doing, either against our competitors, or against our industry as a whole.

But for marketing, especially content marketing, benchmarks aren’t always easy to come by. And statistics on distributing content? Even more nebulous. That’s why we’re so excited about this new research from Ascend2, Best-in-Class Benchmarks Creating and Sharing Content. Check out this video to learn why!

Pretty cool, right? It’s not everyday you get to hear from over 80 best-in-class businesses on how they’re developing content, their strategic goals, and what distribution channels they find most effective. So let’s break this report down a bit further:

The Most Important Objectives

What’s the most interesting thing about best-in-class businesses? Their goals and day-to-day struggles usually aren’t too far off from what every business is working towards. And for this survey, the top result wasn’t too surprising. 50% of best-in-class businesses report increasing sales revenue as their top objective.

Ascend2 Report Graph 1

Coming in second and third by a hair were improving rankings in search engines, and increasing brand awareness. Sound like familiar goals? Marketing and sales objectives are aligning more than ever, and if you want your business to ascend to best-in-class success, it’s worth keeping in mind.

The Most Important Content Types

So if best-in-class businesses are pushing for sales revenue and brand awareness as some of their top goals, what content types are they using to find success? We were excited to find that over 60% of top-tier companies consider video and motion graphics to be the most effective content type for achieving business objectives:

Ascend2 Report Graph 2

Other content in the top-5 included research reports and webinars. What this data shows is something we’ve known for quite some time now – best-in-class businesses turn to compelling, engaging content to achieve their business goals. And the most compelling call-to-action on the web is the play button!

Benchmarks for Success

Want to see the other 6 benchmarks Ascend2 uncovered in their research? Download your copy of Best-in-Class Benchmarks Creating and Sharing Content and discover the most effective types of marketing content, the gaps between objectives and metrics, and more!

Jon Spenceley