Vidyard StudioIt’s never been more important to create compelling content for your online audience – and video, in particular, has become a major priority. But at the end of the day, there’s still the initial hurdle of creating amazing video assets. Videos may be the best way to engage an online audience (70% of marketers recently reported that video converts better than other content types), but there’s no denying that this format is still intimidating or even inaccessible to many sales and marketing professionals.

A lack of a dedicated budget or in-house resources might be holding you back from creating really helpful video content marketing right now, but at Vidyard, we set out to radically change this.

We want to enable every business to drive revenue with incredible videos, and today we’re pleased to announce the release of Vidyard Studio:

Vidyard Studio allows you to easily create custom videos from existing presentations, share the impressive video files securely with prospects and customers, and track the percentage of video content viewers actually engage with or complete.

Overall, Vidyard Studio is your ticket to transforming static presentations into engaging, voice-enriched videos, and after sharing these assets, you can use the engagement data collected to improve upon your content strategy based on your audience’s proven preferences.

Your Data, Where it’s Useful

Always striving to bring you data that is especially actionable, Vidyard Studio content operates the same way as regular Vidyard video files with respect to where the viewer analytics can be populated. With Vidyard’s seamless integration with, individual prospect’s video viewing history can be tracked directly inside existing lead records. Pushing video engagement data into your CRM ultimately provides outstanding context for sales professionals when reaching out to those who have watched a ton of your content.

We know studio will make a huge impact for marketers and sales reps combined. We’re thrilled to give the power of video to everyone with this latest offering, and we can’t wait to see what you create.

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Michael Litt