May 12, 2015

Interactive Video: The Ultimate Way to Increase Content Engagement

Many B2B marketers are using video today to connect with their customers in an engaging way. But it’s not enough to talk to customers; brands need to engage in 2-way conversations with customers.

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What can I do to open a 2-way dialogue with video?

There’s no shortage of ways marketers can make their video content more engaging, helping them to drive even higher conversion;  add an email gate to the beginning of a video, or a call to action part way through. At the end of your video, you can have the viewer redirected to a web page or presented with a form. There’s also a new way to help deepen engagement, and it’s called interactive video.

What is interactive video? How does it work?

Interactive video is a term that many marketers are hearing for the first time. It builds on the success brands are seeing with video by adding interactive experiences that draw audiences even deeper into their content while offering new ways to gather customer insights.

An interactive video works by incorporating question and answer functionality into a video asset. This could take many forms, from an assessment, a quiz or a poll to a survey or even a calculator.

As an audience watches a video, interactive tools can pop up encouraging the audience to engage. Because marketers can tailor and customize questions for that specific video, the questions can test how well the audience understands the content or how interested or likely they are to take the next step in the purchase. These are incredibly valuable insights that can help marketers to make better decisions and that sales can use to help close deals!

The other aspect of interactive video is that it allows a brand to customize the call to action based on the input from the viewer. Let’s say one viewer indicates that they’re interested in purchasing in 6 months – you could provide that prospect with a brochure or a whitepaper after they finish the video. But maybe the next viewer indicates through an interactive form that they’re looking to purchase in the next 4 weeks –this prospect could get directed right to a product demo. This is powerful stuff!

What else can interactive video do for me?

This all sounds great, right? Well, it gets better. Using interactive video together with a video marketing platform and a marketing automation platform (MAP) is a triple threat!  Your video marketing platform will allow you to capture implicit insights like second by second viewer engagement data and add that to lead records in your marketing automation platform. Explicit audience participation data from your interactive video content can also be added to your MAP as well. The end result is richer insight that can be used to help improve lead scoring, segmentation, and nurture programs.

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Jeff Gadway

Jeff Gadway

Jeff is the former Director of Product Marketing at Vidyard. He has a passion for helping companies tell great stories - especially through the use of video! Jeff also loves a great cup of coffee, working with small businesses on marketing strategy and can be often seen around Waterloo with his dog, Carmen.

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