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August 11, 2017

What’s the Secret Formula for Creating a Great Video?

The secret formula in creating a great video? It all starts with your story. Maury Rogow, CEO and executive producer at leading video production company Rip Media Group, shares with us the key formula they use to create great video.

Data strays and story stays in people’s memory. A lot of companies think all they need is data points, but really, what they need to have is an emotional touch with somebody’s heart. If you have that, then people will remember you, they’ll share what you created, and they’ll talk about it. But how do you get that magic essence?

We’ve created an acronym that we use all the time in our production room. When we’re creating scripts and concepts, we ask each other, “What’s the STUFF in that video? What’s the STUFF in that script?” What’s the STUFF? It’s what’s sexy, touching, unique, funny, or elicits fear in the hearts and the minds of the people watching.


Let’s start with what’s sexy. What’s sexy about your brand, or your product, or the people in your company? Now, sexy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a fashion brand or Victoria Secret’s or anything like that. What sexy is, is what sizzles. What’s different? What really makes you stand out? It might not be something that you’re really thinking of that’s obvious, so you’ve got to dig deep. I have an example for you down below, of somebody who was trying to do something very basic and mundane – sell a used car from 20 years ago. But, he put together a video that was absolutely epic:

The real gold in this video is that he made something mundane into something sexy, into something that sizzled. Not only did he get five and a half million views on that video, but he also got over 2,000 offers to buy that car. It absolutely works.

The next point is touching. What’s touching about your product, your service, the people that you’re helping? Think about the results that you’re putting out into the world with your product or service. If it’s touching, think about nostalgia, think about history. Can you share stories of the origin of how you started your company, and why you started your company? If you can touch people’s hearts they’ll remember you. If you take a look below, you’ll see a video that we created for a non-profit organization that really needed help getting mentors to help them out and help more people that were homeless:

What you see in this video is not just live action and animation, but we mixed the two together. What we did was we talked about the results. We had the person that was affected by the program, talk about it in a very unique and different way.

The next point is U, for unique. You can also think of unique as unexpected. What’s unexpected? What’s unique about you, or the way you do things? The world really wants to know because it’s what makes you stand out. The hearts and the minds of viewers want variety. They want something different. They want their day to be disrupted just a little bit, and that makes you memorable. Take a look at the video below, where a big brand did something completely unique and unexpected and they stand out from the pack.

We have sexy, touching, unique. What’s the next? It’s F, for funny. If you go for funny and it works, there’s really nothing better. You will be memorable. For a great example of funny, check out the video below for a huge brand that took a risk and really, it paid off.

The last point is F, for fear. Fear is a very strong emotion that we all carry. If you can bring a little bit of fear, or a little bit of lack of security out of your audience, they’ll respond and they’ll really want to learn more. If you have a look at the video below, it was done for Save the Children. I think you’ll see a combination of fear and touching, combined in a beautiful way:

That’s the STUFF. What’s sexy, touching, unique, funny, or elicits fear in your audience. Those are the five key emotions that you should be taking into consideration for your next production!

If there’s anything we can do to help out, we’re offering a free consultation with our team at Rip Media and we’d love to speak with you.  Just follow this link to book at time!

Maury Rogow

Maury Rogow is the CEO of Rip Media Group, a video first marketing agency helping startups, Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Ben and Jerry’s/Unilever, Black and Decker, and hundreds of others by telling their story with video. 

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