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Hear how Invoca is investing in online video to boost response rates, increase engagement, and improve results of email and content marketing.


Who is Invoca?

When a customer calls, Invoca can tell you why. The Invoca platform provides inbound call intelligence so marketers can optimize their marketing spend, drive quality inbound calls, and deliver a better customer experience.


You’d never pick up the phone without caller ID, would you?

Ever watched a scary movie and couldn’t help yourself from yelling, “Don’t pick up the phone! Don’t go into that dark room!” We instinctively know that we need data, analytics, and insights before we can feel safe, make educated decisions, and ultimately, thrive.

Invoca’s business is built on a similar understanding that marketers cannot perform well if they’re blind to customer analytics. That’s why they wanted a video marketing solution that would provide them with the depth of insights for video that Invoca provides for inbound calls. They needed to know who was engaging with them, why, and how?

With this kind of data, Invoca could determine how assets and campaigns were performing, as well as better understand, score, and convert customers at each stage of the buyer journey.

Simply, Invoca quickly realized that going all in on video marketing meant not only investing in video assets, but also in a video marketing platform. Only then could they take the blindfold off and transform both their marketing strategy and results.

Caitie Gonzalez

Video is the way people want to interact with brands these days. It helps our brand feel personal and relatable, and it’s easily the best way to digest important information without having to read through lengthy documents. With video, you really get to engage your audience.

Caitie Gonzalez

Social Media Marketing Specialist at Invoca


Vidyard: Your getaway car out of the unknown.

After considering a few platforms, Invoca trusted the success of their video marketing to Vidyard. Now, they host over 60 videos with ease, and can scale their portfolio as their needs grow, all without the assistance of an IT team.

Invoca also uses Vidyard to gain the analytics to track asset performance as well as content and campaign attribution. These insights, along with individual viewing data, enable the team to maximize their returns, as well as strengthen lead qualification and nurturing programs.

Beyond measuring viewer activity, the team uses Vidyard’s interactive tools, including calls-to-action, to optimize assets for conversion rather than simple viewability. Now leads and customers can be led through the content journey that is relevant to their needs and interests, and they convert better than ever before.

The best part? All this incredible data is integrated directly from Vidyard into Marketo. Both the Marketing and Sales teams are now provided the data and insights needed to turn viewers into customers.

Now leads and customers can be led through the content journey that is relevant to their needs and interests, and they convert better than ever before.


What a thrilling adventure!

Vidyard’s analytics are more than simple numbers and data that are referenced and filed away. Invoca immediately put the insights to use to optimize and improve the quality of their content.
The company’s webinars are valuable pieces of content that need to be the best they can be to keep drawing in and converting viewers. Invoca used analytics on one such webinar to discover a scary result: viewers were clicking away before even reaching the meat of the presentation! After removing a text-heavy introductory slide, engagement jumped, increasing the performance of the content.

Vidyard helped the team with more than webinar performance improvement: previously, if a lead registered for a webinar and didn’t attend, they would be sent the recording. But Invoca had no way of scoring how or if viewers engaged with the recorded content. Now, the Invoca team can track both live and on-demand webinar engagement. This had a significant impact on how leads were scored, as well as attribution rates; webinars now receive around 30% more attribution credit than was possible before Vidyard.

These insights aren’t just for marketing purposes; the Sales team is now tailoring conversations based on which videos leads watched, how they got to that content, and how they engaged with it.

Vidyard had a final effect on the Invoca team that no one could have guessed: after investing in the platform and seeing what it is capable of, Caitie Gonzalez noted that, “We wanted to use the platform to its full potential, so we were inspired to go beyond what we were doing to create better videos and a stronger video marketing strategy.” That’s one incredibly powerful marketing tool.

… webinars now receive around 30% more attribution credit than was possible before Vidyard.

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