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Guido Bartolacci, Manager of Acquisition and Strategy at New Breed, and Amanda Nielsen, Demand Gen Marketer, explain how the agency used video to align their sales and marketing departments—and why they tell their customers to do the same.

New Breed

As a demand generation agency, New Breed helps companies grow by building “predictable, measurable, and proven marketing and sales solutions.” In other words, they help companies create sales and marketing strategies that win more business. On their journey to help other companies, they constantly strive to grow and improve their own business along the way.

Walk the Walk

With their finger on the pulse of demand generation, New Breed knows that video is key to building trust and adding value. Not only does video add a personal touch to any company or brand, it takes care of the introductions so that by the time a potential customer meets the sales team, they are already informed and ready to talk business.

New Breed’s Manager of Acquisition and Strategy, Guido Bartolacci, told us that he’s focused on getting his clients to incorporate video in all phases of the marketing and sales funnel, and New Breed is leading by example.

At the top of the funnel, New Breed’s marketing team uses video to attract attention and generate leads. Video case studies, how-to guides, and testimonials can all be found throughout the company’s website and social channels. The sales team continues using video by sending personalized outreach videos, pitches, and proposals. Video also plays a big part in the everyday life of a New Breed client, with the services team using support videos, screen sharing, and webinars to maintain clear communication and strong relationships.

Because New Breed uses video at every phase of the customer life cycle, it was important for them to find a single platform to tie it all together. They chose Vidyard because of a shared focus on empowering and enabling marketers. Since they started using Vidyard’s Chrome extension, they’ve noticed an increase in open rates and engagement with email outreach.

The personal aspect of video is what makes New Breed stand out among crowded inboxes. Bartolacci noted, “As we start to introduce [Vidyard] earlier in the process, our clients are asking about how we’re using it and the benefits that we’re seeing from it, so there’s just a natural extension.” The accessible nature of video makes it easy for clients to learn by example.

Guido Bartolacci

“Most of our clients are comfortable with using written pieces of content like an eBook or a whitepaper… But incorporating those same methods that you used with content and applying it to video can be really effective”

Guido Bartolacci

Manager of Acquisitions

Sales + Marketing

New Breed’s sales and marketing teams have also been learning by example. Thanks to the internet, many potential customers are doing their own research ahead of their first interaction with a sales rep. That makes it more important than ever for marketing to gather insights from sales to inform their content. On the other hand, sales teams need more shareable material from marketing in order to strengthen their pitches and reduce friction.

Since deploying video in their marketing and sales processes, New Breed has seen a stronger alignment between the two teams. On the front lines, sales reps are sending marketing-made videos straight to clients and coming back with useful feedback and suggestions. The content is constantly improving, and helping to narrow in on qualified leads. The ability to track and record real-time metrics lets New Breed track conversions reliably, and informs future sales pitches. New Breed practices their own advice, proving to customers that an aligned strategy produces results.

Trust the Experts

You can follow New Breed’s example by following their tips for using video across marketing and sales:

  • Don’t be scared! Video is just another form of content. Vidyard’s Chrome extension makes it quick and easy to add your personal touch. It can even take less time than typing out a normal email follow up. Bartolacci says, “Video isn’t as hard as you may think. If you’re in sales or service and you’re already comfortable talking all day, all you have to do is turn on the camera. It’s actually a lot easier to be understood through video than it is through email or other forms of written communication.”
  • Use your available resources. It’s okay to start small! Take stock of your existing resources. New Breed’s Demand Gen Marketer Amanda Nielsen told us, “There’s a lot of different ways to actually start incorporating video into your content, without even realizing it.” Webinars and screen capture tutorials, for instance, can be easily repurposed as video content.
  • Invest in video. Once you start using video throughout your process, you’ll want to keep going. It’s addictive! At this point, you may need to hire some help. Depending on how many videos you need, hiring an in-house videographer is a great way to keep those videos coming. Other options are hiring an agency or freelancer to do the heavy lifting.
  • Track your results. Consistent reporting lets you look back at what’s working and what’s not. Nielsen says, “We’re leveraging Vidyard to actually monetize video, so instead of hosting all of our video on something like Youtube or Vimeo, we’re now using Vidyard to host our videos on our website with conversion points so that we can use it as an actual lead gen tool.” It’s a fluid process, so feel free to make changes along the way as you learn from your mistakes.

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