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Key Results from Using Vidyard


Efficiency Gain


Compliance & Risk Mitigation


Increase Impact and Efficiency of Independent Advisors Using Video While Ensuring Compliance and Security

In their pursuit to provide best-in-class tools for its network of financial professionals, Osaic was looking to increase adoption of outbound video driven sales messages using Vidyard, a best-in-class video tool for virtual sales. However, as a regulated firm, Osaic needed the messages supervised and retained for compliance purposes. These personalized videos would be sent via email, however legacy email archiving vendors do not support video. To overcome this challenge, Osaic required a solution that could capture and retain email and video communications while also surfacing potential risks, minimizing complexity and increasing productivity in a scalable way.


The Solution: Theta Lake and Vidyard

It was clear Osaic required a technically integrated solution capable of providing ease of use for business, IT and compliance users, with ease of deployment and rapid time to value. These factors would streamline adoption, optimize sales productivity, reduce regulatory risks and not overload the compliance team.

Osaic was already enjoying success with the Theta Lake Risk and Compliance Suite for compliance capture, archive and review of content for potential risks of their Zoom video meetings. Now established as a trusted compliance solution, the compliance team was confident it would be a great fit for Vidyard videos as well. For FINRA compliance, there weren’t any comparable solutions that could support both email and video archiving.

Osaic found the combined Vidyard and Theta Lake integration, adoption and deployment process was seamless and without complexity. Osaic’s sales professionals have grown comfortable creating video messages and incorporating them into their customer outreach, adding a personal touch to their process. Regulatory compliance is not an inhibitor but a key ingredient in successful digital transformation with Theta Lake and Vidyard.

Our KPI’s included launching a tool that shows we are on the forefront of technology. Theta Lake allows us to use video with our advisors comfortably and more personally, which gives us a solid competitive advantage.

—Eric Hansen, Senior VP of Brand and Digital Marketing


Increased Advisor Productivity and Compliance Confidence

The Theta Lake and Vidyard solution has noticeably increased video adoption and financial professional productivity. From an efficiency standpoint, “it’s at least a 2X gain” according to Eric Hansen, SVP, Head of Digital Marketing and Brand at Osaic. It’s much simpler and more effective to create a 60-90 second video as opposed to a long email. Advisors can now capture, preview and record documents on camera and explain details to the clients without risk of non-compliance or loss of data through Theta Lake’s detection capabilities.

For the compliance team, Theta Lake’s ability to identify potential risk violations in video content without the need to review the entire video means enhanced reviewer productivity and mitigated risk in embracing a new communications channel. Osaic can feel confident in their ability to retain and supervise email and video communications that aligns with financial services regulatory requirements.

It is a win-win situation. The advisors are more productive and effective using Vidyard and the compliance team saves costly compliance work every day using the trusted Theta Lake solution to meet the ever expanding compliance requirements for modern communications.

Theta Lake’s solution’s cloudbased management along with its seamless out-of-the box integrations, ease of use, and automated risk detection made it an easy decision that measurably saves costly hours of compliance work every day.

—Todd Logan, Vice President, Workplace Technology

About Osaic

With over 10,000 registered financial professional representatives, Osaic is one of the largest networks of independent wealth management firms in the United States.

This customer story was originally published by Theta Lake.