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Key Results from Using Vidyard


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Who is Dynamic Signal?

Dynamic Signal is the mobile-first company communications platform that helps enterprise organizations increase productivity and empower advocacy by informing and engaging employees with timely, relevant content across channels and devices.

Top-performing SDR Lauren Wadsworth knew it was harder than ever to get the attention of key prospects and that she needed a new way to stand out and build more connections. Her secret weapon? Vidyard’s Chrome extension. The personal video messaging solution helped Lauren multiply her monthly meetings booked 5x with a positive response rate to cold outbound messages of 12.75% and an increase in meeting-to-opportunity conversion of 200% in a matter of months. Now those are numbers you can take to the bank.


How could I increase my conversion rate and hit quota without working 12 hour days, 6 days a week?

It’s every salesperson’s dilemma—how do you manage to ‘be personal’ when you’re cold calling and emailing upwards of 80 prospects every day? How do you balance quality with quantity?

In her early days at Dynamic Signal, Lauren Wadsworth was a newbie SDR struggling to meet her quota. Even though she threw herself into her work and booked an incredible 26 meetings in her third month (nearly double her team’s average), her conversions lagged behind—not to mention that over 50% of prospects cancelled or missed their discovery call. In response, Lauren tried to add more and more volume to her funnel to keep up.

“I was frustrated and felt burnt out,” she writes, “how could I increase my conversion rate and hit quota without working 12 hour days, 6 days a week?”

Lauren Wadsworth

“Not only are my response rates off the charts, but my meeting conversion rate doubled and my meeting-cancel rate is less than 7% (compared to 58% before).”

Lauren Wadsworth

Senior Global Account Development Manager at Dynamic Signal


Less is more. Personal is powerful.

As it turns out, the solution to her sales woes was less volume, more personalization.

After seeing the impression left on her boss when she received her first prospecting email with a personalized video message, Lauren decided to give video a shot. After all, emailing and cold calling simply weren’t cutting it anymore—what could it hurt?

The results of her experimentation? Mind-blowing.


Be un-ignorable.

She sent out 55 personalized videos to her prospects—each with their name handwritten on a whiteboard—and waited to hear back. Nothing could have prepared her for what happened next.

“I had a 37.5% response rate, and a 12.75% positive response rate (meeting booked),” she writes (emphasis original), “to give some context, the average call-to-meeting conversion was 1%, and email-to-meeting conversion was 2% across the team.” Over the next two quarters, she became her team’s top performing SDR, using video to work smarter, not harder—no 12-hour workdays required!

The level of engagement from the prospects that received her videos was off the charts. With responses like the following, not only had Lauren discovered a better way to connect, but she was also leaving an incredible first impression that helped reduce her meeting cancellation rate from more than 50% to less than 10%.

Cold Prospecting Email Response: “By far, the best intro email from a ‘vendor’ in a very long time. I love the quick intro video (and name on the whiteboard). Happy to speak.”

Cold Prospecting Email Response: “You. Are. AWESOME! I have half a nostril above the water line right now, and you totally burst through all that with your creative message and positive attitude…AND. I. SIMPLY. CANNOT. IGNORE. YOU. You made me smile. And for that, I will be happy to talk with you.”

In fact, her success was so astonishing that it inspired her whole team to adopt personal video messaging, using Vidyard as their solution. In their first month after making the switch, they booked more meetings with VPs and CXOs than they had in the past year combined. How’s that for quality?

Read the full story here or download the free Vidyard Chrome extension today to experience the magic of personal video for yourself!

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