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The shift to remote work has created new communication challenges across the board. Luckily, video is becoming a tool that helps bridge the gap when in-person isn’t an option. From keeping a global workforce connected to prospecting and customer communications, video is helping identity verification company Jumio stay in touch in a more dynamic, personal and engaging way.


Keeping Communication Channels Open during a Global Pandemic

As a fast-growing global company, Jumio has employees, channel partners and enterprise customers scattered across the globe. With the onset of the pandemic, communication has become all the more challenging. There are no more face-to-face meetings. No more customer visits or trade shows. All the ways traditional ways organizations forge human bonds. With virtual communication now the ‘new normal’ Jumio has turned up the dial on using video as its communications medium of choice.

“We focus on enterprise accounts. We focus globally. We work all over the world. So when it comes to marketing and the kinds of companies we market to, building strong relationships is key. Our target market’s inboxes are overflowing. And with the pandemic, we can’t get on a plane to meet with people,” explains Dean Nicolls, Jumio VP of Global Marketing. Dean leads an international team of employees and agencies located in London, San Francisco, and Singapore with responsibility for lead generation and qualification, content creation, up-sell and cross-sell campaigns, and sales and channel enablement.

Since discovering Vidyard—and certainly, through the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, video has become an essential tool to help Jumio keep in touch with employees, customers, and prospects.

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Video Helps Create a Connection among Employees Working from Home

“We use Vidyard in a lot of different places but I’d say we’ve gotten as much value from Vidyard for internal communications as we have from external communications,” says Dean.

Jumio’s CEO Robert Prigge is a big fan of video and one of the company’s most active users of Vidyard. He uses personal video to communicate to Jumio’s global employees, share his thoughts with others on the leadership team, or debrief with colleagues on a key issue. Any time Jumio has to make a big executive-level decision or announcement, Robert turns to video to get his point across.

“His videos are usually quite short but super impactful,” says Dean. “He’ll send a video out to the whole company saying, ‘Hey, I’m super excited about this product launch. Check out the resources we’ve put together for it. Here’s why it is so strategically important to us.’ It means so much more coming in video format than it does coming in a text email. Robert has a lot of personality and humor and it shines through in video.”

Dean also finds value in video-based communication. He recently used Vidyard to efficiently summarize some valuable competitive intelligence for his fellow executives. “I was telling Robert about what I had learned and mentioned I had a ton of notes. He prompted me to use video to get the word out to the rest of our leadership team. So I built a short slide presentation and used Vidyard to record a screen share video to walk everyone through my key findings. It was way easier for people to digest. In two minutes, I was able to convey what I learned instead of writing a long email that people probably would not have read.”

Dean also uses video to regularly connect with his marketing team. His employees are spread out across the globe and working in different timezones. “I can send them a video that says ‘here’s a quick overview of what we’re trying to accomplish and who’s doing what.’ It’s a great way to add personality to my communications. That’s especially important now as we don’t get to see each other face to face anymore.”

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Video Builds Strong Customer Relationships from a Distance

Jumio’s solutions are used by leading companies in the financial services, sharing economy, digital currency, retail, travel, and online gaming sectors. Like its employees, the company’s customers are scattered across the globe. Getting the word out to a large customer base is always a challenge, but during a pandemic when there are no trade shows or personal meetings, it’s even harder. Recently, when Jumio needed to announce a significant strategic acquisition to customers it turned to video.

“Robert sent out a two-minute video embedded into an email to our entire customer base, which is about 2,000 people. The message had a 48 percent open rate–typical prospect emails come in around 20-25 percent, and our customer email open rates are normally 35-45 percent so 48 percent is probably one of the highest I’ve seen,” says Dean.

Video Adds Extra Pizzazz to Prospecting

Jumio’s sales development reps (SDRs) also report to Dean as part of the marketing organization. They too have been playing around with personal video to add pizzazz to their remote prospecting efforts. “We haven’t mandated it as a tool, but folks are naturally gravitating to it in their own time. They’re quickly discovering that personal video is more powerful and impactful than sending a plain text-based email.”

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Video Helps Drive Campaign Results

Dean’s SDRs and marketing teams are also coordinating their efforts around video to create more effective and impactful campaigns. Recently, with the marketing team’s support, Jumio sales rep Vidhan Mittal launched a multi-pronged email and LinkedIn campaign targeting 1,500 contacts working in 200 US real estate investment trusts (REITs), serving up a Jumio Rental Fraud ad linking to a landing page featuring a 3-minute explainer video created by Vidhan along with additional insights. The campaign has resulted in seven high-quality, very targeted leads.

Jumio is just scratching the surface of Vidyard’s capabilities but the potential is great. “The real benefit of Vidyard is there are 100s of different use cases, and we’re just scratching the surface. We’re exploring new opportunities to use video and Vidyard every day and I’m sure there’s a whole lot more value for us to explore,” says Dean.

About Jumio

Fraudsters and money launderers have no place in today’s digital economy. To protect against fraud and financial crime, businesses online need to know and trust that their customers are who they claim to be — and that these customers continue to be trustworthy. Jumio uses the power of AI, biometrics, machine learning and certified liveness detection to help you rapidly convert more customers, stop fraudsters from infiltrating your online ecosystem and get in compliance with KYC/AML.

Jumio protects the ecosystems of businesses through the Jumio KYX Platform, a unified, end-to-end identity verification and eKYC platform offering a range of identity proofing services to accurately establish, maintain and reassert trust from account opening to ongoing transaction monitoring. Customers, users, patients, employees … whoever the “X” is in your business, the Jumio KYX Platform delivers the assurance you need to know, then trust.

Jumio has verified more than 300 million identities issued by over 200 countries and territories from real-time web and mobile transactions. Jumio’s solutions are used by leading companies in the financial services, sharing economy, digital currency, retail, travel and online gaming sectors.
Based in Palo Alto, Jumio operates globally with offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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