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Sell, Educate, and Engage with Healthcare Video

Whether you’re closing medical sales or educating your community, you need to build relationships and trust with your customers. Enter video! It’s the best way to create connections, demonstrate products, and deliver knowledge, all while making your workday a breeze.

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How to Engage with Healthcare Video

Video conveys information quicker and easier than plain old walls of text. Use it to explain complex topics simply, answer questions rapidly, and offer a level of service your customers will rave about.

Build Connections on Camera

Create one-to-one relationships via video to answer questions, show off product features, and engage your community.

Fast and User-Friendly

Vidyard’s easy-to-use video tools make it simple to record, share, and manage videos on your busy schedule.

Efficient Collaboration

Whether you’re collaborating within your team or across organizations, video gets your message across quickly and clearly.

Engage, Educate, and Build Trust

How to Use Video Messages in the Healthcare Industry

Join us for a fireside chat with Tyler Lessard, Vidyard’s VP of Marketing. He’ll explore the immense potential of video messaging for healthcare, with tips on how to effectively create and incorporate them into your communication arsenal.

An illustration showing how to add videos to your emails with Vidyard for virtual selling.
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Powerful, Customizable Healthcare Video for Your Enterprise

Take your video investment to the next level with the advanced features in Vidyard’s Enterprise package.

  • Receive custom onboarding experience that aligns video with your unique needs
  • Go beyond just view counts: Access robust video analytics to track video performance metrics like watch time and viewer identity
  • Customize your video sharing page to reflect your organization’s branding and drive viewers toward next steps
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What our customers are saying on

The software is extremely easy to use, very user friendly. My sales team started using free individual accounts and were up and running in minutes. After a couple months of success booking new sales meetings using videos we decided it was time to purchase the paid team version for the integration to Salesforce and team metrics tracking. The onboarding and implementation experience was one of the best I've been through. They know exactly what they're doing, they care about what they're doing and provided best practices along the way.
The integrations, the player features, the customer service are all unparalleled. What I like most is the types of data that can be extracted from their platform and how it interacts with other CRM systems. It's the first, and most user friendly, video hosting platform that has been able to draw a straight line from video to revenue.
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