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The next best thing
to being there in person.

Video is the next best thing to being there in person. That‘s why Vidyard for Communities is perfect for helping organizations unite and engage communities of customers, partners, and employees, all while giving you the insights you need to measure and strengthen its success.

For Your Customers

With Vidyard for Communities, you can use video to create a human experience of your brand and build deeper relationships. Quickly and explicitly answer questions, and provide support and training with videos posted by company experts. You can even give customers the ability to upload their own feedback videos, helping to build a strong community of advocates.


With Vidyard for Communities, you can quickly train distributors, suppliers, and resellers on products and services by recording demos and presentations with Vidyard. You can even select and share only relevant videos with each partner group. With analytics, you can track how partners are engaging with your content.


With Vidyard for Communities, you can share quickly and easily consumable and shareable messages across the organization, including executive communications, town halls content, and training materials. With integrated analytics, you can understand if and how employees are engaging with the organization.

Put the 'act'
in 'interaction'

Communities is meant to be interactive and collaborative, rather than forcing passive consumption of boring - oops, we mean “dry" content. That‘s why Vidyard complements Communities so perfectly; it gives users and admin teams the ability to seamlessly interact with content and each other.

For Users

  • Publish video content to a Community
  • Comment and reply to video content
  • Watch video inline within the community or their Feed

For Admins

  • See which users are most engaged based on viewing data
  • Track and measure which of content is most engaging

Are you a Communities Admin?

Vidyard's new lightning component available in AppExchange allow organizations to easily bring the power of video content to their fully customized and branded community. By dragging and dropping the video component into Community Builder, community managers can easily add video to their community without the help of IT or the digital marketing team.

Player Component

Enables you to easily add a Vidyard player to directly into a Community page design.

Other Salesforce Integrations.

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