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Live streaming video pulls you into a moment

You get the goods first. You feel the applause. You share in the experience. Vidyard Live helps you turn that instant in time into something more.

In a heartbeat, catch a moment, share it any time and anywhere, and learn what everyone (or anyone) truly thinks, not just the people who were in the room.

Live Stream at a moments notice

Set up a live stream quickly, in just a few steps, and with no advance scheduling needed. Whatever happens, you can catch and record it for your employees, leads, and customers.

Get more out of live streams with on demand video

Live broadcasts are automatically saved in Vidyard as on-demand videos that are immediately re-watchable as soon as the live stream ends. No manual labor (like encoding or re-embedding, yuck!) required.

Share your message anywhere, on any device

Easily share a Vidyard Live video wherever your leads are. Embed it on any webpage, landing page, or social site. It can be enjoyed on any device, screen size, and bandwidth environment.

Learn so much more about your audience

Get detailed analytics on who your viewers are, and how long they each watch. Engage them further through data collection forms, and push that info into marketing and CRM systems.

On or off air, keep engagement rolling.

Live stream your events

Hosting a conference? Broadcast it live to thousands of customers and prospects. When it's over, turn the live event into recorded videos that deliver value all year round. You can even track who's watching and how engaged they are. Use that information not only to improve your next event, but to convert viewers into customers!

Scale your training programs

Need to quickly and easily train global sales teams, new employees, or even partners and customers? Easily deliver live training sessions when they're most needed, post the recorded sessions as on-demand assets (including in Salesforce Chatter!), and track who completes each video. All while saving the time and expense of travel!

Share corporate communications

Have important product news or executive updates to share with customers or employees? Connect with them when it's most vital, without needing to schedule video assets. And with Vidyard’s integrated security, you don't have to worry about who can access undisclosed information. Just choose who can view which live streams!