A personal connection

Forget slide decks that lack context, narrative, or a memorable experience. With Vidyard Studio, you can record and share a presentation exactly how you want it to be delivered, so you can connect with your audience like you’re there in person.

Benefits that put the
'present' in presentation

Create an experience

Bulleted lists, graphics with no context, maybe even clip art...none of this stuff can wow your audience on its own. Add your voice into the mix, and draw your audience through your story the way it should be told.

Deliver presentations efficiently at scale

No more delivering the same presentation over and over. Instead, turn it into a video presentation that shares your message consistently, the way you intend it to be heard. Your audiences get the best experience every time.

Personalize presentations

When you can add your own personality and voice into a slide deck, you can personalize it for each audience by offering names and relevant content so they know you understand and relate to them.

Know who's watching

Vidyard Studio offers analytics on how much - and if - your audience watched your video presentation, and which parts they skipped or re-watched. This information can even be integrated into your marketing automation platform or CRM, so you can identify who’s most engaged with you.

Improve your content

When you have insights on how your audience is responding to your content, you’ll know how to strengthen your presentation - and future presentations - for greater success.

All in how you present yourself

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Secure Comms


Deliver the best presentation every time, for a consistent, powerful, and branded experience. Engage more leads and prospects, while delivering pitches, product updates, and demos that are personalized, relatable, and engaging to watch. Then use insights on who is most engaged to help you follow up with the strongest leads at the best time.


Craft marketing content to be the strongest it can be, and then deliver it at scale. Turn webinar presentations into pre-recorded videos and discover how your audience responds to it, so you can strengthen content. Product marketing briefing presentations can also be sent across your organization in an engaging video format.

Secure Comms

Your internal training content doesn’t have to be boring slide decks.You can consistently deliver the strongest presentation every time, so audiences will want to watch and learn. Even better, you’ll be able to track who completed their training, and how audiences responded to your content.