So you've got a video. Now what?


We all know how powerful video is as a communication channel, but as marketers, it can be challenging for us to decide what platforms to use to host and promote our content.

YouTube is a great start, but how can marketers control the buyer’s journey on a third-party platform designed to keep viewers from leaving? (Up next: the latest music video.)

We’re here to help explain why you actually need third-party video platforms to create a complete video strategy that can help you drive revenue.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use each platform to its highest potential
  • Maximize your brand’s audience with video
  • Convert engaged viewers into paying customers
  • Go beyond YouTube views to see actual ROI on your videos


Zachary Basner Zachary Basner

Zachary Basner

Direct of Video Strategy

Jesse Ariss Jesse Ariss

Jesse Ariss

Senior Product Marketing Manager