Is your business still asking ‘why video’ or ‘how do we get started’? Does creating, sharing, and managing videos still feel like a monumental task with every new production?

Video is no longer just a brand asset or employee training tool. Video is now an expected content format for communicating your messages and educating audiences, whether they’re prospects, customers, partners, or employees.

Businesses that embrace video and make it a core part of their communication culture will win the hearts and minds of customers and employees in the years ahead.

But what does this mean for your marketing, sales, and other teams in the year ahead?
Where are the most significant opportunities for value creation with video?
What are the most important trends right now, and how can you stay on top of them?

The Vidyard 2020 Video Trends Report covers where video is going in the year ahead and what you need to know to create a winning strategy across your organization.

Find out:

  • Why video needs to be an integral part of your overall communications strategy
  • The top five video trends across marketing, sales, internal communications, and video technology
  • Recommendations to help you get started tackling these trends
  • A who’s who to follow to keep on top of trends for 2020 and beyond