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Estimate your script’s length and plan your video with this script timer.

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Make Better Videos with Our Script Timer

Video script writing can be tough, but even after you’re done writing your draft, there are other important details to keep in mind. How long will it take to read your script? How does your script length change if you’re a fast talker or a slow speaker?

Our script timer takes all the mystery out of video script writing. Plug your script into our easy-to-use tool and select your reading speed to discover your script’s length. When you know how long your script will be, you can make more informed decisions when creating your video. Try it out!

How to Write a Script for Video

Not sure how to get started? Here are a few tips on how to write a script for video.

script timer
script timer

Turn Your Script into Video with
Vidyard’s Free Screen Recorder

You’ve got your script — now make your video. With Vidyard’s Edge and Chrome extensions, you can transform your script into video in a snap. Create marketing, sales, and team catchup videos that get results.

  • Record screen capture or selfie videos in seconds
  • Keep your thoughts on track with on-screen speaker notes
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  • Know who’s watching your videos with instant notifications

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