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September 9, 2014

3 Ways to Leverage Recorded Webinars in Your Video Marketing Strategy

record your webinarsAre you one of the 62% of B2B marketers who use webinars to nurture leads and engage customers? If so, you can start using existing webinar content as a springboard to launch an online video strategy. You don’t need to be an expert producer to create effective videos. With some preparation, a dash of creative repurposing, and a little editing magic, your recorded webinars can extend beyond your live event and act as a foray into video marketing.

Here are three tips to help you get started:

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1. Uncover Hidden Gems in Your Webinar Library

If you’re an old pro at leveraging webinars as a marketing tactic, you likely have a rich library of webinar recordings at your disposal. Inventory what you have on hand and identify opportunities to repurpose these existing assets into brief clips. While some of the topics may be stale and some of the presentations challenging to carve into smaller chunks, you’ll likely discover a few winners that you can edit down for reuse.

2. Design Future Webinars with Reuse in Mind

Want to make the most of your webinar recording? Think about how you plan to repurpose it from the get-go. Design your webinar content so that the recording can easily be carved into bite-sized video clips that can be used in ongoing content marketing programs. Rather than the traditional 45-minute webinar presentation where every slide builds on the last, consider alternate formats that can readily be segmented into smaller chunks like:

• A moderated panel discussion where each question and answer can stand alone
• A series of best practices that each deliver value on their own
• Multiple speakers that each present on the topic at hand for 10 minutes or less

3. Incorporate Webinar Snippets into Landing Pages and Nurturing Emails

video increases your landing page conversion rate!Recent research from Unbounce found that including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by a whopping 80%. Why not record a brief trailer for your upcoming webinar and feature it on the registration page to help drive more registrants for your event? Or, embed a short clip from a related webinar recording to help drive higher conversion rates for another marketing asset like an e-book or white paper? You can also include these digestible sound bites in prospecting or nurturing emails to increase engagement.

Want to learn additional best practices in video marketing and explore what the future holds for B2B digital marketers? Join ReadyTalk, Vidyard, and other industry leaders at Ignite, the world’s first B2B video marketing summit. Click the image below to see the speakers and claim your spot at the October 1st summit for all things video!

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Anita Wehnert

Anita Wehnert

As ReadyTalk’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Anita is focused on understanding market needs and working with partners to solve customer problems through integration. Before joining ReadyTalk, she gained first-hand experience with the challenges of running a webinar program while serving as director of marketing at an IT analyst firm and spent more than a decade in high-tech product management and product marketing. When she’s not thinking about conferencing, she likes to ride her bike, travel, and spend time with her dogs.

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