Videos are, without a doubt, the best way to guide potential buyers through your product offering because they’re persuasive and quick to consume.

Studies have shown that the modern buyer needs to go through four to seven pieces of content before shortlisting a solution, so imagine the impact of having a dedicated “videos” section on your website. It’s here that prospects can make their way through videos mapped to the sales funnel in a ‘lean back’ experience and explore all your brand has to offer.

In today’s digital space there’s a need to bring a YouTube-like viewing experience to your company’s website. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you identify with the classic “where’s that video” scenario that plays out in most companies. Just take a look at what happens when your videos don’t live in one convenient location:

In response to this need, today we’re proud to introduce our latest product, Vidyard Video Hubs.

A Dedicated Spot for Your Video Library

A Vidyard Video Hub is a centralized location you can use to showcase your entire video collection on your website.

Here's a video hub example

Whether it’s product demo videos, educational whiteboard videos, or recorded webinars, you can showcase select playlists for your audience to view, or even set up multiple Video Hubs for different audiences, campaigns, or departments.

For example, you could have a Video Hub for potential customers to browse through the best of your branded content, and a separate Hub for internal training where your sales team can learn more about your latest messaging.

Your Brand Your Way

A Video Hub not only showcases your content in strategic categories or playlists, but it can also be branded with your company’s look and feel. This means the entire Video Hub fits seamlessly into your website’s design.

Brand your hub to match your site's design

Enhance Your SEO

One of the best aspects of a dedicated video experience on your website is the SEO benefits you gain. With each new video you add to a Video Hub you can add detailed tags, descriptions, and titles to help you gain better search visibility. Because each video acts as a new, individual webpage on your site, this ultimately supplies more content for search engines like Google to index, and your search rank will benefit from the videos as they are viewed, shared, and searched for.

Advanced Praise for Video Hubs

After releasing the Video Hubs product to select customers, we checked in to see how the product was delivering at Taulia, the leading provider of cloud invoice and payment solutions. Senior Marketing Manager Bhaji Illuminati was very pleased with their new Hub:

“[Early in the year] we sent out a ‘Best of 2013’ email and we were able to create a Video Hub with our most popular content of the year. Having one link for 13 of our most popular videos was the absolute best (and probably only) way we could have delivered all that valuable content.”

“It’s so refreshing to have control over the content and layout of the page without having to pull a developer in. Ensuring all shared videos have the same look and feel as our website just makes our web presence that much more seamless and professional.”

How Can You Get a Video Hub?

A fully branded, customizable Video Hub is the ultimate way to showcase all of your video content in one location. Moreover, once you have all of your content in a Video Hub, you can push all of the videos to your YouTube channel with their optimized titles, descriptions, and tags. This ensures you get the most out of your YouTube presence as well as the content embedded on your website. It’s a distribution combo marketers want to jump on for all of the added benefits.

Get in touch with our team at, to learn more. Let us know what you think of the new Video Hubs below! What kind of video hub would you set up on your site?

Michael Litt