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May 18, 2015

Exemplary B2B Marketing to Get Inspired by on YouTube

Last week’s final blog post discussed tips and advice to help modern marketers brainstorm awesome marketing campaigns that have a direct and impressive impact on sales. One piece of advice included looking to other brands for inspiration – not only competitors in your own industry, but companies in other industries who are doing interesting things with video marketing. You never know how creative genius might strike.

To help light your creative spark, here are six brands that are proving that B2B marketing can be at least as exciting as it is in the B2C market. Check out their YouTube channels for some motivation on how to do it right:

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Formerly known as AtTask, Workfront is a cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solution that gives teams greater visibility into the entire lifecycle of work, from request to report.

The company’s branded channel includes a main video showcasing one of their case studies, immediately enticing viewers with messaging on how their product can help solve your work management problems. The company offers videos in different, watchable styles that engage audiences throughout the sales funnel, including bottom-of-funnel case studies and testimonials, and mid-funnel webinars. The cool thing about Workfront’s webinars is that they are broken up into bite-sized pieces that are easier and quicker for audiences to ingest as desired.

The company uses video to communicate messages in an interesting way to their target audience. Take, for example, their name change. The information could have simply been released through a press release, but Workfront created not just one but two videos. The first is an action-packed adventure ride that gets the audience excited about the change. In the second video, the CEO addresses the reason for the change in a professional and clear talking-head-style format. What a perfect way to engage different types of audiences!

Some of the most enjoyable content on Workfront’s channel is the company’s Working Dead series of videos. The high-level content is good for a laugh; just try to watch only one!

Oh, and want some examples of how to use Calls-To-Action in your video marketing? Workfront does that, too!

Canvas LMS

Canvas LMS, part of the company called Instructure, is a learning management system designed for K-12 and higher education students and teachers. Right off the bat, you’re immediately drawn into a journey, literally and figuratively: in their main video, you go on a car ride to the new office location, and learn why the solution is changing lives.

The company allows YouTube visitors to easily choose videos based on their use case: choose K-12, Higher Ed, International Canvas uses, and more. The channel includes different styles of videos to attract different viewers. Their product demo has a headline that makes you want to click, so you can learn about all “The cool things you can do with Canvas”. The video speaks right to the customers’ needs – it’s a perfect example of focusing on the benefits to the customer rather than the features of the product. The opening line is, “This is the video where we’re supposed to show you all the cool things Canvas can do. But it’s actually about all the cool things you can do.”

Canvas knows how to use video marketing to share content that could be dull and boring in any other format. Check out their video that explains their company values. The video may seem a little long, but it’s so humorous and entertaining, you just can’t stop watching. It engages both company employees and potential clients, and helps deliver the message of what you can expect from the company. Much better than reading about corporate values on a website!


Unsure how to manage all the content on your YouTube channel? Take a look at how Taulia does it. The banner at the top of their channel makes you want to be a superhero by using the company’s supplier financing software. The video that autoplays helps drive the message home how Taulia can make a big difference in your work life.

The channel is divided into bite-sized sections so the viewer can watch what they’re interested in. Viewers can check out “Taulia and its Services”, and those who want to be entertained by their witty top-level content can watch “Funny Taulia Originals”. Want to know if Taulia is right for you? There are plenty of videos to choose from in the “Customer Testimonials” and “Supplier Testimonials” sections. If you want to learn more about how to use the product, all the “Product Demo Videos” and webinars are right there for you.

The company knows how to make even customer testimonials interesting by adding some humor and helping the subject seem more relatable. And their top-of-funnel content is ridiculously entertaining, proving that yes, B2B companies can have as much fun and show as much personality as any B2C brand:

Lattice Engines

Watch this video and tell me you don’t want to be part of the society of the secret sauce!

Lattice Engines provides industry-leading predictive analytics for marketing and sales. The company also seems to be able to predict what would keep viewers engaged with their video content. The above top-of-funnel video creates an air of mystery, and a desire to learn more about Lattice Engines.

Their well-planned use of video marketing doesn’t stop there. The channel is well organized into content that converts viewers through the funnel, including high-level information on the company, customer case studies, life at Lattice Engines, marketing tips, thought leadership content, and more. In short, everything you might need as a marketer looking to improve your efforts!


Cisco’s YouTube channel is designed almost like a company website. The viewer is immediately “welcomed to a future friendly network”. Use the navigation to find content that’s relevant to you, or peruse through the company’s playlists. Follow their recent posts on Twitter, read the latest blog posts, and interact with the company by sharing your opinions – all from the YouTube channel! This company proves the simply posting random videos simply isn’t enough to provide a strong experience. You have be be strategic with your video marketing to help convert viewers into customers.

The video content itself gives insight into who Cisco is, provides thought leadership through video coverage of industry events, and includes entertaining advertising content:

Cisco simply makes you excited about what the future will hold, and how this technology will seamlessly fit into our lives. That’s a pretty strong experience to give potential customers!


Adobe manages all their content for a vast array of customers by keeping a main channel for the Adobe brand, and linking different Adobe product channels from it. That way, it’s clear what content is for which product and audience, helping viewers get the exact information they’re looking for.

The Adobe channel’s main video makes a celebration of an important milestone for the company: the 25-year anniversary of Photoshop. Instead of congratulating Adobe itself, the video feels more like applause for Photoshop’s users and all that they have created with the help of the product. Makes you want to see what you can create, doesn’t it?

The rest of the channel offers more insights on what the company has accomplished, including some really inspiring community work.

All of these B2B companies aren’t simply uploading a bunch of videos to YouTube. They’re proving that, with strategic  video marketing, brands can be so much more than just the products or software we use every day. They have a lasting place in our lives, and help us create our own inspiring work. Check out these brands, and see what else is out there to get inspiration for your next marketing campaign.

Don’t forget that YouTube is only one site where your customers may connect with your content. If you need some help managing and disseminating all your engaging and thought-provoking videos, consider how a video marketing platform could help you.

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Emily Ross

Emily Ross

Emily was previously the Brand and Creative Manager at Vidyard. Today, she's a UI writer at Intel. Emily loves creating interesting and unique content oh, and food...if you haven't already noticed, she loves food.

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