Is doing more with video still a horrifying concept for your marketing and sales teams? Does the idea of getting on camera send shivers down your spine? Are you paralyzed at the thought of how you would turn video content into real leads and real revenue? The truth is, video is a shockingly good way to build your brand, generate demand and accelerate the buyer’s journey, and it’s easier than you may think.

In this shocking twist on our video marketing Chalk Talks series, we unmask the potential of video for modern marketing and sales teams. See how you can cut through the flesh…I mean, the noise…with creative and educational videos (like this one), and how to use interactive content and video analytics to turn your viewers into victims…ahem, customers.

While the following program is intended for both mature and immature audiences, viewer discretion is advised.

If you’ve been scared straight and want to start doing more with video, check out our real Chalk Talks video series to learn all the latest best practices! You’ll find frighteningly educational videos on topics like:

  • How to get more value (and leads) from your existing video assets
  • Best practices for optimizing Video SEO
  • Using interactive video to generate new leads and accelerate deals
  • Using personalized video to stand out and boost response rates
  • Using video for Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Events and more
  • A framework for developing a video marketing strategy
  • How to track and measure video performance and pipeline attribution

And as an extra treat, you’ll get inspired by how we create videos like Chalk Talks on a $0 budget. Happy Videoween!!

Tyler Lessard