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March 1, 2023·8 min read

26 Must-Try Zapier Integrations for Supercharging Your Productivity

Conquer menial work with the power of automation. We’ve compiled a list of the best Zapier integrations for everyday tasks that can help make your workday easier and more productive.

Ever had days where your to-do list is clogged up by those tedious tasks that don’t put your skills to work? Copy and paste data from platform A to platform B. Check tools C and D for notifications. Juggle tabs E and F while you try to complete a task.

They’re boring, they take you out of your flow, and they’re not making the most of your skills—but they have to get done anyway.

But what if…you didn’t have to do them at all?

Let’s talk about how Zapier integrations and workflow automation can boost your productivity.

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  2. How Do Zapier Integrations Work?
  3. Streamline Your Workflow with These Zapier Integrations
  4. Go Beyond These Zapier Integrations and Build Your Own

How Do Zapier Integrations Work?

Zapier’s value prop is pretty simple: It’s an easy way to connect your apps using automated behaviors no coding necessary. Zapier integrations use ‘triggers’ and ‘actions’: if a condition is met in one app, something happens in the other app.

But scrolling through Zapier’s app library can be overwhelming. There are thousands of apps and so many ways to connect them.

What are Zapier ‘Zaps’?

It can look tough, but setting up automation using Zapier integrations is actually a lot easier than you might think. There are tons of pre-built automations, called ‘Zaps,’ that connect one app to another. Just pick two tools you use and see all the plug-and-play Zaps that already exist.

Think of it like Lego for automation. It can be hard to see how individual pieces are useful. But when you snap them together, you get functional productivity automation that takes the busywork out of day-to-day tasks. (Or, in the Lego example, you have a house, a car, or a spaceship.)

While specific apps can work together in all kinds of ways, there are a couple of buckets that most Zapier automations fall into.

Automatically Execute Menial Tasks

Your time is worth more than just copying and pasting. Zaps automate basic tasks, such as moving data from one place to another, to take the no-fun stuff off your plate while making sure the important things don’t fall through the cracks.

Consolidate Information

How many tools do you reference in a workday? Cut down on the number of tabs open in your browser and the number of platforms you have to log into by consolidating information into a single place where you’re sure to see it.

The best part is that you’re not limited to just pre-built Zaps. As long as you can find the right ‘trigger’ and ‘action’ for each of your desired apps, you can build your own custom functionality to suit your unique needs.

Here are a few technologies used in most workplaces, with suggestions on linking them together with Zaps. Maybe they’ll be directly useful for increasing your productivity—or perhaps they’ll be the inspiration you need to build custom Zaps that suit your particular technology stack.

Streamline Your Workflow with These Zapier Integrations

Using Zapier for Slack Automation

Slack is the way that a lot of teams communicate, especially now that more people are working from home. Adding Zapier for Slack automation is a great way to make it useful for more than just chatting.

Notify Your Team When a Lead Fills out a Form

Following up with leads ASAP is key to pushing the deal through to close. Connect your lead generation forms to Slack so you’ll get an in-channel notification whenever a prospect raises their hand.

Notify Your Team When a Cart Gets Abandoned

If a buyer hasn’t quite made up their mind, you can set up a tip-off that lets you know when they abandon their cart. Connecting with on-the-fence prospects can be just the push they need to click that “Submit Order” button.

Notify Your Team of Upcoming Events

Do you grapple with a busy calendar? Never ghost another meeting. Get notifications for upcoming meetings to keep them top of mind. Plus, give your whole team visibility into your schedule so they can jump in to contribute on key calls.

How the Vidyard Zapier Integration Works

Making videos is pretty hands-on, but the video management process that follows is much more open to Zapier automation. Here are a few Zapier video automation ideas to help smooth out your video workflow, including video content management, team notification, and viewer behavior analysis.

Import Videos from Cloud Storage for Better Video Management

You’re producing lots of excellent video content, but your upload processes mean that those videos are scattered across the cloud. Simplify video content management by automatically importing videos from cloud storage into your Vidyard library so they’re in one centralized, easy-to-access place.

Notify Your Team About New Videos

What’s the good of new videos when nobody knows they exist? Better manage your videos by ensuring everyone gets a Slack notification when a new video hits your Vidyard library.

Zapier Integration: Informing Slack channels when new videos are posted to refine the video workflow

Informing Slack channels when new videos are posted to refine the video workflow.

Post Videos to Social Media

What good are great videos if nobody sees them? Automatically post your new videos to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Hootsuite accounts so you’ll always have the freshest content on social.

Zapier Integration: Posting new videos to Twitter using automated video content management

Posting new videos to Twitter using automated video content management.

Prep Video Data for Analytics

Wave goodbye to exporting files and copy-pasting rows so you can plug them into your favorite analytics tool. These Zaps do the heavy lifting of auto-updating your spreadsheets or your analytics platform with video view data.

Streamline Trello Workflows

Trello is an ultra-popular way to track tasks and manage collaboration. It’s already a pretty intuitive platform, but there are a few Zaps for Trello automation that make it even more effective (and your workday even more efficient).

Build Trello Task Lists

These Zapier automations create new Trello cards from meeting invites and Slack messages. Keep all your to-dos together on one board (or many boards, if you’re into that) with minimal effort.

Schedule Reminders in Your Calendar

You can set due dates for Trello cards, but sometimes it’s hard to keep all those deadlines straight. You can set up a Zap to populate due dates from Trello into Google Calendar as events so you can view them in the context of the rest of your schedule (and remind you that big project is due tomorrow).

Capture New Leads in Trello

When leads reach out, you want to know. These Zaps keep leads’ information front and center as easy-to-manage Trello cards.

Zapier Integrations for Email

Emails are one of the original sources of busy work, which is why so many tools have sprung up to automate the email-sending process. You can take the efficiency of email automation to the next level by throwing Zapier into the mix.

Send Emails When New Documents are Sent or Completed

With Zaps like these, you can pair documents with email sends without lifting a finger. Follow up on a document with a supplemental message that provides instructions, adds context, or answers questions.

Get Notified About New Inbound Emails

Have a lot of email accounts you need to track? Or maybe you need to give your whole team visibility into a single inbox? Set up automatic notifications when you receive new emails so you’re always on top of customer questions and requests.

Zapier Integrations for CRM Platforms

Wouldn’t it be nice if your customer relationship management (CRM) tool automatically updated leads and contacts with new information? Good news: There’s a Zap for that. (In fact, there are several.) Here are some recommendations for ways to make the most of CRM automation with Zapier.

Create Salesforce Leads from Form Submissions and Emails

When a prospect clicks an ad, fills out a form, or sends an email, you can automatically convert that information into new leads in your CRM. It’s easy, and it sure beats manual data entry.

Create HubSpot Contacts with Data from Meetings, Events, and Transactions

People who attend your meetings and events are customers just waiting to be converted. On the other hand, people who have already bought from you are repeat customers in the making. Keep all their info at hand with Zaps that import customer data into your CRM.

Go Beyond These Zapier Integrations and Build Your Own

Pre-built Zaps not quite hitting the spot? Then it’s time to dive into building your own automation workflows. This video by Zapier walks you through the process of designing your own Zaps.

This post was originally published on October 4, 2018. It was updated on March 1, 2023.

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