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Key Results from Using Vidyard


Videos Emailed
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What’s 1Huddle?

1Huddle is the fastest way to prepare your team. In a world where business is constantly changing, it has created a platform to help companies drive employee engagement and training in a more competitive way.

This tech start-up converts training material (PowerPoint, manuals, videos, etc.) into science-backed, quick-burst mobile games—built for sales and service teams, proven to increase revenue and five-star reviews. In under three minutes a day, 1Huddle helps employees become more energized, engaged, and ready to work.

1Huddle is helping transform workplace training for major brands such as ESPN, Loews Hotels, FASTSIGNS, and Audible.


Stand Out From the Crowd When Prospecting for Business

Over the last few years, 1Huddle has grown from a one-day workshop into an enterprise SaaS platform that helps companies onboard, upskill, and engage employees faster using games. And, like most start-ups, the company is on an aggressive growth path—its team has grown 1,800% in just three years.

One day, 1Huddle ’s CEO and founder Sam Caucci, received an interesting email that caught his eye. The sender (a Vidyard sales rep) had embedded a personal video mentioning Sam by name. He was intrigued and wanted to know more. After following up with the Vidyard rep to learn more about the platform and personal video, he decided he’d give Vidyard a try at 1Huddle.

The workforce today is made up of millennials. Video has been far more effective at engaging our prospects than words or pictures. It’s just more modern.


Using Personal Video to Make Human Connections

Roll forward a year and everyone at 1Huddle now uses Vidyard to create personal video for marketing and sales prospecting.

“Everyone these days is using more and more technology. Life is becoming more automated and impersonal—especially in the sales world. Personal video allows us to showcase our personality and create that important human connection. Unlike a phone call or an email, a personal video is memorable and puts a face to a name. So even if you do end up on a phone call with a prospect, the call is just that much better,” explains Roger Bernardino, 1Huddle’s VP of Business Development.

1Huddle’s sales team quickly adopted and embraced Vidyard and its members have become prolific video creators. “It is pretty simple and straightforward,” says Oliver Kazcor, one of 1Huddle’s account executives. “You launch Vidyard from your Chrome browser, hit record, and start filming right from your desktop using your webcam. Uploading is very simple. We have folks on our sales team who are making 150 videos a day—just insane numbers.”

Sales folk at 1Huddle always add their own personal flair to the videos they’re sending. This might mean wearing the jersey of their prospect’s favorite team, or flying the flag of their college alma mater.

Video has become a standard component of 1Huddle’s marketing campaigns as well. The marketing team embeds videos into its email campaigns, and will often use Vidyard to highlight recent media coverage featuring Sam or to showcase 1HUDDLE’s industry expertise.

For instance, the marketing team recently launched a campaign aimed at automotive companies. Emails embedded a video of Sam interviewing one of 1Huddle’s automotive clients at a recent industry trade show.

“The workforce today is made up of millennials,” explains Dana Safa, 1Huddle’s Director of Marketing. “Video has been far more effective at engaging our prospects than words or pictures. It’s just more modern.”


Personal Video Nets Positive Results

Since 1Huddle began using Vidyard a year ago, the team has sent out an astounding 45,455 videos to prospects, with hundreds of new personal videos being created by the sales team every day, that total number is growing at an exponential rate.

There’s a good reason for 1Huddle to continue with video and with Vidyard. Of the 45,455 delivered videos, the marketing team can point to a 68% open rate and a 12% reply rate.

“Prospects respond to our campaigns and say, ‘you caught my attention with your creativity. I’d love to get on a call and learn more.’ Sending emails with super custom and engaging videos are simply more fun to watch and really help us stand out from the competition.”

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