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Salesloft Cadence Template

This winning cadence from Salesloft includes video touchpoints to help you build credibility and schedule that first meeting with your prospect. The video examples are included as a playlist on this page.

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Your prospects are inundated and overwhelmed with outreach requests. To make your prospecting efforts stand out, you need a winning sales cadence that brings in multiple outbound touchpoints to help you meet your prospects where they are, increasing your chances of connecting with them and working towards booking that first meeting. This 14-step tried and tested sales cadence from Salesloft is bound to get you more meetings booked.

What is the Salesloft Cadence Template?

The cadence template from Salesloft is a series of tried and tested outreach steps via different channels—email, phone, LinkedIn, and video messages that you can use in our outreach process. The cadence is designed to be repeatable, allowing you to scale your efforts. Included in the template are guidelines for messaging at each step, plus video messaging and email templates you can leverage along the way. that you can repeatedly use when reaching out to your prospective customers.

Video Templates and Killer Cadences Can Save Your Deal Cycle

How Video Templates and Killer Cadences Can Save Your Deal Cycle

See this cadence in action and watch the Fast Forward on-demand session presented by Jordan-LeuVoy from Salesloft and Chris van Praag from Vidyard.

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How to Use the Salesloft Cadence Template

For efficiency, you (and your teams) can use and manage a cadence like this one in your sales engagement platform, but it’s not strictly necessary. Follow the recommended 14 steps outlined below across a 30-day period. As you get comfortable with the template, adjust it to your own needs based on what is and isn’t working for you.

The video messages included in this cadence should be short (under 60 seconds is ideal), and a selfie-style webcam format works best. Consider holding up a whiteboard or your phone with the prospect’s name at the beginning of the video (and to use as the video thumbnail) to really stand out in the inbox. Make sure your face isn’t in the middle of the camera frame (so the play button doesn't cover it when you share the video).

For your accompanying email copy, have a short intro ahead of your video thumbnails to give your viewer a sense of what will be covered or what to expect when they click play.

When to Use the Salesloft Cadence Template

Use this cadence when reaching out to new accounts you would like to book initial meetings with. It should start after you’ve researched your prospect, so you’ll know what areas to focus on for each step in the cadence. This sales cadence is best used in prospecting first touch and follow-up efforts.

You'll find the full cadence plus relevant video scripts and email copy below if you want to try this template out for yourself.

The Salesloft Proven Cadence Template

Salesloft Cadence Steps 1 and 2

Cold Phone Call #1 and Email #1

Steps one and two should occur on day one of the cadence. Attempt to reach your prospect first by phone. If you’re able to get through, attempt your pitch. If you need help with your openers, check out the best cold call openers video from Sales Feed. If you don’t get through, don’t leave a voicemail at this stage

After attempting to reach them by phone, send your first email. Have a template with your pitch's body of the email, and aim to personalize the email's first sentence or about 20 percent of the overall email. This personalization could be something like looking at their LinkedIn profile to find something to relate to and/or using the individual’s name and company in your email copy.

Salesloft Cadence Step 3

LinkedIn Connection Request

On day two of the cadence, make a connection request with the prospect on LinkedIn. Adding a personalized message to the request may increase your chances of them accepting.

Salesloft Cadence Steps 4 and 5

Phone Call #2 and Email #2

On day three, attempt another connection by phone to the prospect. If you cannot get through again, skip the voicemail and email them in thread (from your first email attempt), keeping the messaging personalized and questions to a minimum.

Salesloft Cadence Step 6

Salesloft No Response Follow-Up Video Email

If you’re unsuccessfully making a connection to this point, it’s time to try something new—video prospecting! Adding a follow-up video within your email cadence will help you stand out in your prospect’s inbox. Getting your prospect to finally engage or respond to your messaging is also great. Effective use of this video would be to summarize why you are reaching out and the value of your product/service.

Salesloft No Response Follow-Up Video Script Template

Intro: Hi {prospect’s name}, I’m {your name} from {your company name}

Value: I want to make you a personalized video to see if I can stand out in your inbox. I know I have been pretty pleasantly persistent with you over the last few weeks. And the reason for my persistence is that {mention 1 challenge that the prospect is struggling with that your product/service can help them solve}

Purpose: We just want to make sure {highlight the end result for the prospect}.

Call-to-Action: So I would love to link up with you and pick your brain for 15 minutes to see if there is a mutual fit here. If you don’t mind, just respond to me back here or answer the call when I call you tomorrow.

Thank You: So looking forward to it, and I appreciate you watching this video.

Salesloft No Response Follow-Up Email Template

Subject Line:{Prospect’s name}, I made you this 60-second video…

Relevant Introduction: Hey {prospect’s name},

Desired Outcome: I know I have a face for radio but wanted to make a quick video for you: {insert or copy your video thumbnail and link and add to the email}

Call to Action: Hope you enjoy it. Would love to pick your brain for 15 mins about your upcoming key initiatives to see if {your offering/solution}aligns.

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Salesloft Cadence Step 7

Phone Call #3

This call should occur on day seven of the cadence. If you cannot connect, leave a voicemail referring back to the video you sent in step six.

Salesloft Cadence Step 8

LinkedIn Engage

On day nine of the cadence, take to LinkedIn to try and engage further or make a connection. Comment, like, or interact with your prospect's latest posts or activities, and then send a video via InMail. Just like your first video, keep this video message under 60 seconds

Engaging with prospects on LinkedIn is an effective way to incorporate multi-channel communication within your cadence. To make your approach more personal, speak to some of the content your prospect has previously posted or engaged with. For example, applaud prospects who’ve shared some great sales tips on their page

Salesloft Cold Outreach Through LinkedIn inMail Video Script Template

Intro: Hi {prospect’s name}, I’m {your name} from {your company name}

Purpose: I just wanted to make you a quick video. I was going through your LinkedIn, I’d really love to connect.

Value:{Mention what specifically stood out to you and why you would like to connect with the prospect on LinkedIn.}

Call-to-Action: I really appreciate it and would love to connect.

Thank You: Thanks!

Salesloft LinkedIn InMail Copy Template

Hey {Prospect’s name}!

Thanks for connecting. I know I emailed you earlier, but I wanted to reach out over here as well and introduce myself. Check out the video I made for you below.

{Insert or copy your video thumbnail with video link}


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Salesloft Cadence Steps 9 and 10

Phone Call #4 and Email #4

On day 11 of the cadence, call the prospect again and leave a voicemail if you don’t get through. Feel free to reference the videos you sent previously.

In addition to the voicemail, send another email (in-thread with the previous video you sent). Keep the message short and sweet, and ask if the contact watched the video. Then ask what their calendar looks like over the next week or so for an introduction. Include a calendar link for convenience if you have one.

Salesloft Cadence Steps 11 and 12

Email #5 and Phone Call #5

Send another follow-up email on day 16 of the cadence. Keeping your end goal in mind is to build credibility and schedule an initial meeting. Your language should be approachable, and the email should be under 100 words.

On day 21, it’s time to all again. Don’t be alarmed if they pick up. Prospects are inundated with calls. However, once your prospect has seen your number a few times, they may be more inclined to pick up to see who it is.

Salesloft Cadence Steps 13 and 14

Email #6 and Ending the Cadence

If you’ve been unable to connect with the prospect by this point, it just may not be the right time. In this email, sent on day 25, aim to ask if there’s anything you can leave them with that may be helpful.

By around day 26, your cadence has come to an end. It’s now time to take action and decide how to proceed. What do you hope to accomplish connecting with this person? Have they engaged with any of your emails or answered the phone at all? It’s perhaps time to add to a nurture conversation with relevant ideal customer profile messaging.

Bonus Video Templates from Salesloft

To give your outbound sales effort an added boost, check out the two additional bonus sales templates from Salesloft.

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