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July 14, 2023

4 Industries Where Video is Surging

More people are using video as a way to cut through the noise and make personal connections. We take a look at four industries where video marketing and video for sales is surging.

As it becomes easier to create and share video content, more industries are getting on board with using it to connect, educate, and convert their buyers and clients. Learn which industries are making the most out of video investments this year.

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  2. 4 Industries Using Video to Their Advantage
  3. How Do Other Industries Use Video?

4 Industries Using Video to Their Advantage

1. Video for Financial Services

The financial services industry is up against a battle of the ages. Over 60% of financial advisors are over 40. As a whole, advisors and younger generations struggle to relate to each other, and this is especially problematic because the whole operation is based on trust and relationships.

The pandemic proved that remote and hybrid work can be effective regardless of industry—according to Atomik Research, 88% of FinServ pros are more successful working from home, and nearly all surveyed said they’d take a pay cut to stay remote.

With the move to virtual advising, financial services have been the biggest adopters of leveraging video. On average, the financial services industry created 934 videos per company—up 83% over last year. Video continues to help firms and individual advisors to build more transparent relationships and explain complex financial products simply.

Virtual selling best practices for financial services dictates that organizations use an enterprise video platform to ensure that all videos shared are secure and compliant with industry standards.

Different Ways Financial Advisors Can Use Video

Here are a few of the ways that advisors and wholesalers can use video for financial services:

  • Client outreach videos
  • Annual portfolio review videos
  • Contract explainer videos
  • Educational videos
  • Organizational brand marketing videos
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2. Real Estate Video Marketing

Video literally hits ‘home’ in real estate because it’s also deeply personal. Whether commercial or residential, the property is often the biggest purchase most people ever make, and many emotions are involved. People feel exposed by having to shine a light on their finances and choose between their budget and their dream space.

Video for real estate grew 132% last year—that’s an average of 359 videos per company.

With video, real estate agents can build an early relationship with clients and market their properties and themselves more effectively.

They can easily personalize video walk-throughs where they talk about features of interest and then, as an organization, measure the effectiveness of each approach.

Agents can get real-time alerts when buyers watch the video, which can help buyers feel comfortable picturing themselves in the new home.

Different Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use Video

Here are just a handful of the many ways realtors can use video for real estate:

  • Cold outreach videos
  • Social media videos
  • Customer follow-ups
  • Property video tours
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3. The Growing Role of Video in Healthcare

Healthcare companies created 23% more video last year as organizations across different healthcare services realize the power of using it to connect with doctors, patients, clients, and internal communications.

With its versatility and accessibility, video is becoming increasingly integrated into various aspects of healthcare, bringing numerous benefits and opportunities for providers and patients.

Video is revolutionizing the way medical knowledge is shared and disseminated. Online video platforms and educational resources allow healthcare professionals to access training materials, tutorials, and conferences from experts worldwide. This enables continuous professional development and promotes collaboration among healthcare practitioners, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of care provided to patients.

Different Ways Healthcare Companies Can Use Video

  • Support the medical sales process
  • Share FAQs and educational materials for your community
  • Personalized video messages to communicate asynchronously with clients and patients

4. Video for Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry is creating a massive amount of video content—131% more, to be exact.

Companies in manufacturing often offer complex, high-cost items, and they need an effective and more cost-efficient way to demonstrate the value of their offerings.

Sellers in manufacturing can take advance of creating user-generated video messages to connect with prospects and customers and produced video content to educate and answer common questions. When it’s too costly or difficult to meet for on-site visits, video is a great way to stand out from the competition among faceless text-based communications.

In addition, long and complex sales cycles with many stakeholders could benefit from using a digital sales room—like Vidyard Rooms to keep all comms and video in one centralized collaboration space.

How Manufacturing Companies Can Use Video

  • Product demos
  • Customer support
  • Video hubs to organize and manage content

How Do Other Industries Use Video?

Where else is video surging?  Pretty much everywhere—it’s up nearly 30% year over year. Regardless of industry or role, video is a powerful way to save time, add personality, and connect. Read Vidyard’s Video in Benchmark Report to learn more.

Download Vidyard's Video in Business Benchmark Report
Video in Business Benchmark Report Download Vidyard's Video in Business Benchmark Report Know where you stand, so you can stand out. Get the insights you need to craft a video strategy that works. Get the Report

This post was originally published on December 14, 2017. It was updated on July 14, 2023.

May Luk

May Luk