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The holidays might seem far away, but companies are already starting to plan their holiday campaigns. So this week we’re diving deep into holiday video campaigns, and the results they can drive for your organization.

Grab some hot chocolate, throw on the Elf soundtrack, and dive into these festive picks.

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Fresh from Vidyard

  1. How a holiday video increased our CTR 157%
    • How are you going to capture your audience’s attention this holiday season? With personalized video! See how we used a holiday video to increase CTR by 157%! Read More

  2. Get more leads in 2019 with the videos you already have
    • Join Vidyard and Miovision to learn how the Miovision marketing team crushed their quota using video in 2018, and why they’re already thinking about 2019. Read More

  3. How to drive more sales-ready leads with personalized video
    • Buyers’ attention spans are dwindling and the only way to attract them is to say something truly personal. Like, showing-them-a-video-of-a-cake-with-their-face-on-it personal. Learn how to drive more sales-ready leads with a personalized video. Read More

Industry Updates

  1. 2018 is the year of holiday marketing with video
    • A new report from Slidely reveals that video marketing has hit a critical tipping point leading into the 2018 holiday season, with more than 50% of businesses and marketers reporting video adoption within the last year

  2. YouTube CEO calls EU’s proposed copyright regulation financially impossible
    • YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has once again decried the European Union’s proposed copyright directive, arguing in a new blog post that it’s impossible for a platform like YouTube to comply with the suggested regulations.

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