Martech brings out the bestIn returning from the MarTech conference in Boston, I have to share the great news with everyone: Marketing Technology is a legitimate and increasingly recognized discipline! Yes, it’s true!! If you’re reading this, you likely already know that, but the MarTech show was a great place to see it in action and to validate just how far the industry has come. The event was a great opportunity to network with like-minded marketing technologists and revenue engineers that are redefining the role of marketing and finding creative new ways to blend art and science to find and convert prospects.

So what happened at the event, and what did we all learn?

Glad you asked! Here are my top three take-aways from the first MarTech conference:

1. It’s Time to Get Really Excited About Marketing Tech Innovation

V-Bot loved BostonSeriously. This isn’t one of those times to say “ya, these technologies are cool and it’s a fun time to be a marketer.” The innovation happening in the marketing tech space is bold and inspiring, and it’s time to let your passion show through!

I went from booth to booth learning about all the new solutions out there and I was really blown away, both as a marketer and a technology guy. The innovations happening in analytics, performance tracking, content optimization and customer insights are truly incredible. With the right mix of technologies, marketers can learn more than ever about the interests and intent of their prospective buyers as well as the relative performance of their different marketing investments. But what’s really key is that the latest generation of marketing technology is being built with an appreciation for the importance of producing great creative content as the input. I’m pumped about this convergence of creative design, content marketing, demand gen and analytics. Mo’ leads, mo’ insights, mo’ revenue.

2. Importance of Marketing Automation, CRM and the ‘Lead Record of Record’

Once you have a single record of truth for a lead or a customer, the ROI on new marketing technologies can go through the roof. Nearly everyone I talked to has a centralized lead management system now in place (typically a Marketing Automation Platform coupled with CRM) or they are working hard to get there. This is critical to extracting value from new marketing technologies and the importance of this can’t be understated.

Once you can uniquely identify a prospect or customer and gain comprehensive insight into their interactions with your brand across multiple channels and throughout the buying journey, everything starts to fall into place. This is when you can start to realize the real potential of new marketing technologies that are fuelling funnel conversion, customer insights and marketing performance management. Like anything, it’s a journey that takes time and perseverance, but keep pushing the limits and the rewards can be significant.

3. The Exponential Value Effect of Complementary Marketing Technologies

The marketing tech landscape 2014The third thing that really stood out for me was the focus on using your marketing technologies in a clever combo.

Hat tip here goes out to Travis Wright (@teedubya) for a rapid-fire session on new marketing technologies that everyone should care about. The audience was shell-shocked by the sheer number of marketing technology products now out there, but what struck a chord with me was the potential benefits of using many of these technologies together for exponential results. I had similar discussions with many other attendees where we brainstormed on the potential of piecing together “this plus this plus that” to do something innovative and impactful. We’re starting to do this here in our own marketing team at Vidyard (very early days, but so far so good!), and it sounds like many other marketers are with us. It’s time to think big!

In the end, I left Boston more excited than ever about what we’re all a part of and what we’re all contributing to. We’ll continue this dialog at the Ignite conference in San Francisco in October, and I’m already looking forward to the next MarTech event in 2015! See you in the fast lane.

In the meantime, what were your event takeaways? What did you learn at the MarTech conference and what surprised you? Leave a comment below and get a discussion going.

Tyler Lessard