Your animated explainer video may be flabbergastingly good. I mean mint … spot on … even perfection. But it’s only as amazing as your top of funnel leads. Meaning, it might win over prospects at the first step of their buying journey with you, but the fame stops there.

If you want to convert that web-browsing, content-consuming, future advocate, you’ll need to offer them a little more meat as they travel throughout their buying journey. Especially since more than half of that journey will be completed all on their own (a.k.a. without help from your sales team).

But tailoring your video content isn’t just a matter of creating 30 different animated explainer videos for different stages of the funnel. No, in fact, there are certain types of videos which will answer the questions that arise for customers as they learn more about your product or service: from how-to content to case studies to FAQs.

In our most recent episode of Good Idea/Bad Idea, we talk about tailoring videos to the buying journey.

Convinced that tailoring videos to different stages of the sales funnel is a good idea? Download our quick-read guide on mapping your video content to the buyer’s journey.

Mapping Video to Buyer Journey

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Kimbe MacMaster