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November 8, 2017

The Secret To Selling To Today’s Busy Buyers

If modern B2B sales is a game of earning attention, most salespeople don’t know how to play nicely.

 Let’s say that your prospect is a popular kid in school and you’re trying to earn their attention. What do you do? You pass a note. But after several notes and no response, you get frustrated. You presume that they’re stuck up, so you crumple and throw your next note (perhaps with a drawing of a hippo?). Now you’re both upset and your teacher, Mrs. CAN-SPAM tells you both to knock it off.

 Why’d things go badly? Because you, the salesperson, didn’t consider that your notes are just several of the 121 emails, 32 texts, 6 phone calls, and untold scores of notifications they receive every week. They simply don’t have the mindshare for it all.

 What can you do? The same thing a savvy grade schooler would: something dramatic and personal.

Personalization is the key to account penetration

 Not all notes are created equal. Some still get through and what makes them different is that they’re from friends or crushes—colleagues and thought leaders, in the business world. Prospects unconsciously listen for names, keywords, and phrases that indicate that the message contains value.

 Emails or voicemails that begin with phrases such as “Dear Sir or Madam,” or, the equally bad “I was just hoping to get some time on your calendar” are canned on sight. Only ones that come from trusted senders or demonstrate familiarity get through.

 In our grade school analogy, you’d have the greatest luck sending a hand-drawn note of things that your target loves, like dinosaurs, ponies, or spaceships. In sales, your best hope is to send the digital equivalent, which is shown to increase response rates by up to 3x.

Personalized video is a low-effort high-output way to capture attention in the inbox

 According to Kyle Norton, sales coach at Toronto-based health startup League, personalized video, “puts you front and center with the customer from the get-go. This enhances the customer-provider relationship immediately.”

 That’s because everything about personalized video is bespoke. Prospects are impressed that you went to such lengths to reach them, and it gives you a chance to make an in-person style introduction at any distance.

 Kyle’s team has increased their response rates from popular prospects by 3x, and they’re just one of many sales teams capitalizing on it:

  • Hubspot’s sales team saw a 4x higher meeting to outreach ratio
  • Terminus saw 216% higher outbound response rates

 By taking a personalized approach, they’re all making a lot more friends, and it’s the key to having a great year, in grade school, sales, or otherwise.  

 So wait, how does personalized video work, and, more importantly, how can you get a 3x higher response rate with your own sales cycle?

 It’s all in our newest guide, How to Sell like a Champion with Personalized Video.

 In there, you’ll learn:

  • How personalized video will help you manage your sales cycle
  • The dramatic results of teams at Hubspot, Terminus, and Dynamic Signal
  • How top performers achieve 3x higher engagement rates

Download below!

Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie

Chris Gillespie is the writer and founder behind Find A Way Media which helps great businesses create killer marketing content. Based in Brooklyn, Chris spent years selling SaaS technology solutions and now helps those companies craft their content marketing strategies.

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