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Do you know how long your B2B videos should be? Or that Facebook is in trouble for exaggerating its video metrics?

Check out this week’s blog recap, where we dive deep into video length, multi-touch attribution, and Facebook’s recent video troubles.

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Fresh from the Vidyard Blog

  1. Video Length: How Long Should My Video Be?
    • The overwhelming majority of videos created by B2B video producers—75 percent—are less than two minutes in length. Dive deeper into video views as we share our findings on video length. Spoiler alert: things aren’t quite as dire as you might think! Read More

  2. Multi-Touch Attribution: What It Is and Why You Should Care
    • What is multi-touch attribution and why does it matter? Learn more about this marketing model, why your business should care, and how to implement it. Read More

  3. 10 Tips For Recording High-Quality Video Voice Overs
    • You’ve got the perfect video when it comes to visuals, but how’s that sound? What about the voice over? Read Peter Robins tips for capturing quality voice over audio. Read More

Industry News

  1. Facebook Admitted That It Was Inflating Video Metrics. Now a Lawsuit Says the Problem Started Much Earlier—and Was Way Worse
    • Facebook has been accused of misleading brands by not telling them for more than a year that it was overestimating the amount of time people spent watching videos on the platform.

  2. YouTube Partners with Eventbrite to Sell Concert Tickets on Music Videos
    • YouTube is extending its ticketing initiative, already live with Ticketmaster, with the new addition of Eventbrite. The partnership will see Eventbrite listings for live music performances across the U.S. when watching YouTube Official Artist Channels. Beneath these videos will be show listings and a “Tickets” button which users can click to make purchases, across both YouTube for desktop and in the YouTube app.

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