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By James Snider

Sales & Marketing Director


At Punch!, we have built an account-based marketing (ABM) agency in the UK that provides a lead generation service to clients in order to ensure they are practicing the latest and greatest in B2B techniques. Traditionally, this approach had consisted of a mix of phone, email and social selling across a wide range of prospects to open new sales qualified opportunities (SQOs) for our clients.
Of course, this all changed when we used video prospecting for the first time. This is the story of how our business model has fundamentally shifted to one driven by video selling as a result of the tremendous success we are delivering for clients.


How to Deliver Cutting-Edge ABM Service

For Punch!, the challenges we face are two-fold. Our biggest priority is ensuring we deliver the most cutting-edge ABM service to our clients in order to maintain long-term relationships with each of them. This means that if our results start to drop off, or even dip slightly, we must find a way to innovate the sales cycle we deliver for them.

The second challenge here is that B2B buyers are hard to reach by nature and the traditional methods of selling simply do not perform the way they used to. Inboxes are constantly being flooded by ‘experts’ around the world looking to discuss why their XYZ solution is a ‘must have’ this fiscal year. Let’s face it—if you’re going to be generic in your outreach, your results aren’t going to outperform the competition.

James Snider

Since joining the Vidyard Partner Program and integrating video selling into our practice, we are creating 4X as many SQOs per month for our clients.

James Snider

Sales and Marketing Director


In Short, Use video!

But of course, like every new technology, you must adopt it with purpose or else the results simply will not follow. After reading a Vidyard blog post, I was determined to prove that video prospecting could make a meaningful difference for our clients. In order to show the value of video selling, I began to actively reach out to cold leads with video over a six-week period. This resulted in three new clients—each signing up on the premise that video would be a component of the ABM service being delivered.

Our prospects are even sharing our team’s videos on LinkedIn here, and here! Cold prospects are thrilled to be being contacted—that’s unheard of with traditional outbound activities!

You’ll notice that at the end of my outbound videos I use an integration with HubSpot so a prospect can easily book a meeting with me to cut out the typical back and forth required to find a time that works.

Check it out here:

Punch lead gen

In order to capitalize on the opportunity ahead, Punch! decided to take out additional office space and invest heavily to build 5 recording rooms—specifically to record lead generation videos. The rooms have interchangeable backdrops, allowing us to record videos on behalf of clients while representing their brand the entire time.


Success Beyond Expectations

By building these recording rooms, our business development reps can now record videos for their clients with ease. In order to build this step into our standard ABM service, it was time to identify the most effective moments for video. After testing video messaging across a few different touchpoints in our standard ABM cadence, we found that the below process was yielding the highest client results:

Punch! ABM Methodology

Although our team was able to quickly prove the value of one-to-one personal video for our own business development efforts, it was time to show our clients, particularly those in the high tech vertical, the power of video. The first step in doing so was to create a few pricing packages where this new technology would be used. As of now, our team will charge on a per video basis, sell in monthly video buckets, or bring on a client for a complete ABM service which is closer to a retainer contract. The latter is billed on a monthly basis and includes qualification of new opportunities, recording personal videos, handwritten letters, social touches, and enrolling prospects in various nurture streams.

Beyond the revenue these service offerings have generated for our business, they are helping our clients achieve success beyond their expectations. Since joining the Vidyard Partner Program and integrating video selling into our practice, we are creating 4X as many SQOs per month for our clients. That’s right—sales qualified OPPORTUNITIES! Not a lead, but actual revenue potential that our clients can then close.

Final Takeaways

If you or your organization are considering getting started with video selling, my recommendation is just that—start! It took our team a few months before we optimized the video creation process, but now we are in a position to record one-to-one personal videos at scale. In fact, on any given day, our team creates up to 100 client videos. Our success can be attributed to finding the technology that worked for us, changing our typical approach, experimenting like crazy, and refining our messaging.

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